John O'Dreams
Bill Caddick Lyrics

When midnight comes and people homeward tread,
Seek out your blanket and your feathered bed,
Home comes the rover,his journey's over
Yield up the night time to old John O'Dreams
Yield up the night time to old John O'Dreams

Across the hill the sun has gone astray
Tomorrows cares are many dreams away
The stars are flying,your candle's dying
Yield up the night time to oldJohn O'Dreams
Yield up the night time to old John O'Dreams

Both man and master in the night are one
All things are equal when the day is done
The prince and the ploughman,the slave the free man
All find their comfort in old John O'Dreams
All find their comfort in old John O'Dreams

When sleep it comes the dreams come running clear
The hawks of morning cannot reach you here
Sleep is a river,flow on for ever
And for your boatman choose old John O'Dreams
Yes for your boatman choose old John O'Dreams

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Comments from YouTube:


So sad to learn that Bill has died - we've lost a delightful and oh-so-competent composer, singer, writer, tale teller, player, poet,
joker and best-beer drinker.
Lost a good man.

Tim Dews

First saw this brilliant man in 1973 when he played in a group called Taffy Thomas Magic Lantern. Have only just learned of his passing. Sleep well Bill, in the arms of John O'Dreams. Proud to be from the same town as you.


This is one of the best songs ever written.  Thanks for finally giving us the real version.  Even though some other musicians are doing a good job with this song, it just isn't the same as Bill's.


Thank you, Bill Caddick, for creating "John O'Dreams", and for your musicianship.

Peter Hockenhull

lovely bloke, lovely song, thanks bill

Michael Crowe ᄊc

What a beautiful song...R.I.P. Bill 20/11/2018

John E

Count me among the Tchaikovsky Sixth fans who also enjoy this song.

Jackie Hayden

I was pleased to read that Marie Heaney is a fan of this piece too. It's included in her new book All Through The Night, a collection of night poems and lullabies.

Kerry Evans

much respect lovely song like all the greats say like Dylan these songs take a life of their own....
Greetings from IRELAND 😉 salamat for this

S. v. D.

R. I. P. I keep enjoying your lovely songs ❤ Love from Amsterdam 🌷

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