Slow Walk
Bill Doggett Lyrics


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George Howlett

My mom bought me this when I was 9 & home sick in order to cheer me up - it did! Love you Mom, & RIP Mom & Bill Doggett. One of my first 45's.

Andrea Ritchie

What a great memory!



Jackie Joy

Don't you just love it when a song in the instruments sound like they're talking to you telling you a story without a human voice the music speaks to you this is pure rock and roll it wouldn't for this kind of music we would not have any of the music that we have nowadays these guys were truly a talent and should be praised for all time cuz they are truly the soul of rock and roll thank you for your talent, because of your talent we will all be truly blessed 😎

Gary S

Great song by a great Hammond Organist! Great sounding sax! Thanks for posting.


The Sort of slow gyrating music hot girls stripped slowly to hand clappin applause from appreciative blokes alas no more in these pc days

Alexander Patrick



Direct communication!This music cuts across all borders and gets right to the soul(and the head and the feet)In this complicated, often cold digital era,this is the kinda thing we need.

Kees Van Baaren

To The Bone!
Great Instrumental Music.
Great Bill Doggett.

Susan Buckley

Love this music!! My mom had his albums... 🤗

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