i love you
Billie Eilish Lyrics

It's not true
Tell me I've been lied to
Cryin' isn't like you
What the hell did I do?
Never been the type to
Let someone see right through

Maybe won't you take it back?
Say you were tryna make me laugh
And nothin' has to change today
You didn't mean to say, "I love you"
I love you and I don't want to

Up all night on another red eye
I wish we never learned to fly
Maybe we should just try
To tell ourselves a good lie
I didn't mean to make you cry

Maybe won't you take it back?
Say you were tryna make me laugh
And nothin' has to change today
You didn't mean to say, "I love you"
I love you and I don't want to

The smile that you gave me
Even when you felt like dyin'

We fall apart as it gets dark
I'm in your arms in Central Park
There's nothin' you could do or say
I can't escape the way I love you
I don't want to, but I love you

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Billie Eilish O'Connell, Finneas Baird O'Connell

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dear pillow,
sorry for all the tears you held for me..
Dear ex friend,
sorry about what happened at the past...
Dear parents,
sorry for the grades and for being a dissapointment to the family..
Dear moon,
thanks for listening to me when i needed someone to talk to..
Dear bear,
thanks for letting me hug you when no one wants to

Cosette Noel

Hey you.
Yes you.
You know who I’m talking about.
The one who feels alone.
The one who is listening to this song for a reason.
The one who needs somebody.
You are loved and you are strong.
And I am rooting for you.
So please don’t hurt yourself.
By doing that you hurt me and everyone else you loves you.
Don’t do it.
I love you. 💕

Shishi Burns

Family: why do you do this to yourself

Me: what do you mean

Family: listen to sad music

Me: because it makes me happy

Family: it's sad music shouldn't it make you sad

Me: no

Family: how

Me: because it let's me know that i am not alone and that there's people in the world that feel the same

Family: okay whatever

Me: continues to listen to my "sad" music...

Note: i love you people even though i don't know you, and you are not alone, chin up soldier💖


To all those people being bullied
To all those people who have lost a loved one
To all those people who have lost a pet
To all those people being abused To all those people going through depression
To all those people with anxiety
To all those people in poverty
To all those people going through a breakup
To all those people having a bad day
To all those people with insecurities
To all those people just having a hard time,
Don't forget Your weakness today Is your strength tomorrow
It always gets better
Your loved ones will remain in your hearts
You always have the memories
Love yourself
Stand up for yourself
Money can't buy happiness
Those lovers Just weren't right
Don't abuse yourself
Don't abuse others
Kill them with kindness
Treat people with kindness
We've all had these times
There will always be a hole in our chests
But Let's all be each others' strength
weather you're
Love yourself
Love others
Don't cut
Don't kill
Don't criticize
Don't beg
Don't do drugs
Don't starve yourself
Don't starve others
We aren't supposed to do any of that
Just keep your strength
Keep your faith
Don't change because you were told to
Be yourself. You all matter! Almost 8 billion people on this earth and every life matters! We were not made to cut , kill , criticise. We were made to live!
Abuse is not right. Bullying is not right! Living is! Whoever told u that u living isnt right... there WRONG. And if you ever need to talk.. Tell sombody♡ Dont hide your feelings. I will be there for you♡ And others will too.

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Diaconescu Larisa

Billie has the ability to make an onion cry

Μαρία λ

How u know it ? are you onion and cried?

Rylie McFarland

Yes omg ❤️


True tho

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