Halfway To Paradise
Billy Fury Lyrics

I want to be your lover
But your friend is all I've stayed
I'm only halfway to paradise
So near, yet so far away

I long for your lips to kiss my lips
But just when I think they may
You lead me halfway to paradise
So near, yet so far away, mmm
Bein' close to you is almost heaven (heaven)
But seein' you can do just so much
It hurts me so to know your heart's a treasure (treasure)
And that my heart is forbidden to touch, so

Put your sweet lips close to my lips
And tell me that's where they're gonna stay
Don't lead me halfway to paradise
so near, yet so far away

Oh, uh, oh so near, yet so far away
Mmm so near, yet so far away

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Pat Doyle

@Pappa Mojo VC Hero if you really knew anything about The great Billy Fury you would know he was no rip off
Even in 2021 there's shows running to full houses all over England and other countries where people tell his amazing
Story ' he wrote the first pop album of his own songs in 1960 called the sound of fury it made the album charts
Its regarded by pop artists today and fans as a classic Joe brown played lead guitar on the album
Billy actually met Elvis in person on the set of his movie Girls Girls Girls in 1962 he spent the day there
He toured and sang with Eddie Cochran they are on YouTube singing song my babe ' He turned down the beatles
As his backing group in favour of Tornados who went on to have first English group hit Telstar no1 in USA
Long before Beatles and other groups Billy had the same amount of singles in British charts as Beatles
And he was on his own ' with poor health all his life ' he made movies Play it cool I've gotta horse
So you see just like Elvis who Billy loved and admired he died very you g at 42 ' I love Elvis n Billy there music n talent
Was immense they were both Superstars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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alan underwood

Certainly one of the most underrated singers and artists of all time . In lockdown at the moment listening to this timeless music just makes it a little more tolerable. Keep safe everyone

Moz Quiff

@12dougreed Perhaps "underrated" in that he never broke America? But yeah, if you know, you know...

Roy Barwick

@12dougreed I Agree!


He was never ever underated

Rosalind Mercer

Poor chap had a very serious heart condition. Was taken too young, like so many from this era. Lovely voice. Always so romantic.

Brenda Drumm

Thought the poor lad had kidney troubles

Christine Vicker

How rite u r I'd never heard of Billy till I went into u tube today an I absolutely luv his songs

Rosalind Mercer

@m miller Bobby had huge talent. I love his rendition of β€œIf I were a carpenter” he had a great presence on stage.

Jean Davies

Yes we’re all here for a reason , I remember I was cut up when I heard he passed away , bless his beautiful soul.


@m miller Elvis also died at age 42. Yes, his prescription drugs didn't help but he had hereditary health problems which meant we weren't going to have him for long either.

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