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Billy Jack's Theme
Billy Jack Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Billy Jack:

Let's Work Together Together we'll stand Divided we'll fall Come on now people L…
Lets Work Together Together we'll stand Divided we'll fall Come on now people L…
Let’s Work Together Together we'll stand Divided we'll fall Come on now people…

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Comments from YouTube:

Jose Manuel Santander

This is really Heaven .Thanks for sharing this gem .


Thanks a lot for sharing, I was a boy when I played this track on the old disc 45rpm player. My father left us and that disk was the only link with him. That disk was his disk, he saw the movie with my mom when they were teens.


Love this song ... I wonder if Tom Laughlin ever considered it for the sequels ... maybe there was an ownership problem or something (??) ... maybe One Tin Soldier was considered a better fit or something (??) ... I must say, it piques my curiosity ...

Chris Mulwee

So The Sidewalk Sounds is the name of the group performing this?


Made a mix-tape(8-track) back around 1980. Had enough space for a short song at the end. I chose this. Can't remember where I got it from- my brothers movie soundtrack maybe. Anyway, I kept that 8 track until the early 1990's, yes my car still had an 8 track player! Anyway, was cleaning out the car one day, sat it on top of the car. Finished cleaning then went for a drive, forgetting the 8 track on top! By the time I remembered it, it was gone. But of all the songs, this one, an afterthought put on the end, stayed with me. To make a short story long, occasionally I would look up instrumentals on YouTube, never with any luck. On day I was in a Billy Jack mood, so I just searched for the movie, came across "born losers best scene" so I checked it out, ant it was my missing tune! Once I figured out WHAT it was, I realized why it resonated with me- my brother was 16 years my senior, and the born losers was one of the first movies he took me to see(w/o our parents knowing or approving) he's since passed away, but things like this are able to take me back to a simpler, more happy time!

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