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Rainbow Made Of Children
Billy Jack Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Billy Jack:

Let's Work Together Together we'll stand Divided we'll fall Come on now people L…
Lets Work Together Together we'll stand Divided we'll fall Come on now people L…
Let’s Work Together Together we'll stand Divided we'll fall Come on now people…

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Comments from YouTube:

Dava Richardson

I remember protesting in 1970 . I was just a kid but I knew what it was all about . We had legal permits allowing us to be there . But the cops and the guard showed up . We were being very peaceful . All of a sudden tear gas was being hurled at us . Followed by gunfire . 29 wounded 4 dead . We were ignored by the media . The Billy Jack movies have a lot of respect from me . They addressed the Native American struggle as well as equal rights for everyone .

Amanda Dice

The BillyJack movies have a lot of respect from me also.


@john powers On the way to Vietnam? Wow! Dude, got tears in my eyes right now. Thanks so much for your service. Yes, the film is a bit art skule, but it's central themes still hold true today. Why just last month, outside my little apartment here in Huntington Beach, Ca., I stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and lifted my clinched fist high in the air. ✌😎🏄‍♂️

john powers

Dave, the Kent State massacre changed many minds and history validates the anti war movement. The deaths in Ohio brought recruits to the cause, and I believe many more names would be on the Wall without that terrible day. I first saw Billy Jack aboard the USS Hanson, a destroyer headed to Vietnam in April 1972. Its' message still rings true and despite some amateurish touches, it holds up today.Just saw it on SonyHD channel.


Best song in the film. Great lyrics.

Melody McCabe

love each other peace


third verse: I was raised in mississippi playing jester to "the man" but I found it got me no where so I won't play it again! I love this song!


So this is where this song came from. I don't remember where I even learned this, but I used to sing it to the children I babysat. They were obsessed with it.

Elias Cherry

We sing this at Camp Foss! This makes me miss it so much! Even though, at camp, it's softer and much slower.

Pat Solum

Thanks for posting this!!!

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