The Bus
Billy Preston Lyrics

Just got home from Viet Nam
Come home and found my brother gone
Wo, wo-wo wo, oh. Lord, hey hey hey, yeah
The bus is comin'
The funky system's gotta fall now
Or it's gotta be changed to include us all
Oh the Constitution, the Bill of Rights.
Lord hey hey hey hey!
The bus is comin'

* Now is the time for you to understand
You can't keep a good man down
Why don't you try to lend a helping hand?
We can work it out together
Live in harmony forever, Lord
Got drunk one night, went to jail
The nasty pigs wouldn't set my bail
Oh, Lord Lord, hey hey hey hey!
(Don't know why they did that)
The bus is comin'

(* Repeat)
(I had the money, why are the things so funky)
The bus is comin' yeah
The bus is comin'
Hey, hey, hey, yeah!
Yeah, alright
Let's get it on
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Come on, let's groove on your...
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey,

Feels good, yeah, etc.

Yeah, come on
Ride on rhythm, ride on beat, come on
Ride on rhythm, ride on beat, come on
Ride on rhythm, ride on beat, feels good, etc.

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
I feel good

Come on, let's have party
Let me hear your...
Don't you wanna party, etc.

Feels good alright
It feels good alright, etc.

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Well, well, well

Come on party, etc.
Don't wanna party, etc.

Everybody, dance to the music, etc.

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Comments from YouTube:

Ronnie Felder

I'll always love Billy Preston. He was also known as the 5th Beatle. I met him one night at a gas station pumping his own gas, on Fairfax and San Vicente. He gave me some good stories, as he pumped gas into his Rolls Royce!! It was about 2:00am. I'll never forget that chance meeting that night!!

Wali Bashir

The bus ride 2 soul town brought me here.

Ramon Manning

XM radio brought me here.

Wali Bashir

Me 2

Mr Unique74

Childhood brought me here.

Ursula B.

A new favorite! I love that little shift in the musical style.


Aww ,man. When my father bought this album. I wore this shit out. I didn't care about Outta Space, this was my song.

Tony Adams

Been on the Bus Stop 400 years, now I see it’s finally in view...Let’s roll y’all


hmm, this is before songs to key of life...

seanio casey

Hit the nail on the head there friend-flipped mine over to hear this.

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