Moonlight Becomes You
Bing Crosby Lyrics

Moonlight becomes you, it goes with your hair
You certainly know the right thing to wear
Moonlight becomes you, I'm thrilled at the sight
And I could get so romantic tonight

You're all dressed up to go dreaming
Now don't tell me I'm wrong
And what a night to go dreaming
Mind if I tag along
If I say I love you
I want you to know
It's not just because there's moonlight
Although, moonlight becomes you so

You're all dressed up to go dreaming
Now don't tell me I'm wrong
And what a night to go dreaming
Mind if I tag along

If I say I love you
I want you to know
It's not just because there's moonlight
Although, moonlight becomes you so

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1940s Elegance...
Oh it's BING!!!! Swooooonnnn.... 💗 LOL!
Number 1 on the charts in 1942. A beautifully romantic ode.
And nobody does it better than Bing!

If I had lived then I would get to go to a real music store.
Phonographs, 78s, sheet music and musical instruments.
A nod to nostalgia...

Thank you for posting!

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Mimi's Makeup Menagerie

my dad sang this to me every night to fall asleep. or just to sing it to me, it's a great memory to have.

katie r

mine too!

Gerry George

@Muzaffer Elbeyli It depends where you live, Muzzaffer, to be perfectly honest. We live (thankfully) in a multicultural Village - because of enhancing communiations - so you can make friends with people on-line, That said - in my own experience - you've got make your mind up, as to how your own social background will mix with someone, on the other side of the world, who might offend your perceptions of how life should be lived. For instance, if you live in a strongly religious household, you would have difficulty in bridging the interface with someone who didn't approve of, or share that culture or those views. Now, I'm a very cosmopolitan young-minded and exceptionally-fit fella of 82 (and still making and directing movies), so - if I get propositioned by some unwitting young lady on here, I have got to come-clean and tell her what I happen to be, and how old I am; if not problems arise.

In the same way - and by the way, this is reciprocal, between you and the person you like - they have to come-clean with you !

Otherise, it's one world, and - provided you note take exception to the many Western folks who place rather less than no importance on their Maker (as I feel they ought to), you've just got to sound-out that one too, and if they are affronted by your faith, and want to be God-less - then you will have to decide whether you could tolerate that, or not ! You see, Dear pal, Racism has nothing to do with this issue; rather it is if yo and the person you like, are going to be able to
respect each other's cultures, and that way, get on together ! Best of Luck, and God Be With YOU ! Gerry George.

Muzaffer Elbeyli

@Gerry George sir, what's your advice to young people like us for relationships, finding the one or opinions on life

Gerry George

Gosh, what a wonderful Dad to do this. This is so very moving, in itself ! I'm nearly 82 - never found my Miss Right - but I'm still an incurable romantic !


Well, lucky you. It is a very nice song for going to sleep and I bet it must be a great memory !


This song belongs to Bing. After 60 years - still touches me. He did not try any embellishments to the songs, so the purity of what the composer intended comes though as he would have wished

Katharine Dalton

I love this song. There's a certain sweetness about it, and it complements Bing's voice completely. It has a lullaby-like quality to it. I would love to have been Dorothy Lamour in that scene.

Peter Oarsman

Still going… He is Sensei in Master of song presentation… And just everything else. I actually think he’s underrated but then the soul was John candy and he couldn’t even sing.

Steve Silverman

The song was written by Jimmy Van Heusen & Johnny Burke for Bing's 1942 film, Road to Morocco. Its release enabled Mr. Crosby to introduce it to the world at large. Ownership however, remained with the aforementioned pair who also gave us Here's That Rainy Day, It Could Happen to You, Swinging on a Star and many others. There wasn't any whistling in the original score, no instrumental interlude whatsoever (with or without intermittent vocal lines) and you can toss a coin and credit the tag at the end here to either Bing or the arranger. It didn't hail from Mr. Van Heusen's pen. Every singer and musician outside of the classical field personalizes their efforts with what you dismissed as "embellishments." Bing had a rather colorful assortment himself. Witness his performance of Well Did You Evah with Mr. S in High Society. He unleashes one and Sinatra admonishes him with "don't dig that kind of croonin' chum." Critiques are best to the critics who often don't know what their talking about either. "Tis better to simply enjoy the music. The direction of one's thumb in regard to this or that performance has no impact on the ear of another listener. Not even yours.

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