Bing Crosby feat. Ella Fitzgerald Lyrics

One day a gypsy showed me golden earrings
That he wished to sell.
They had that look of rare and olden earrings
And he swore they'd bring a magic spell.

There's a story, the gypsy's know it's true,
That when your love wears golden earrings she belongs to you.
An old love story that's known to very few
But if you wear these golden earrings love will come to you.
By the burning fire they will glow with every coal.
You will hear desire whisper low inside your soul.
So be my gypsy, make love your guiding light
And let this pair of golden earrings cast their spell tonight.

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Sheri S.

Wow! This song is hard to find!! Why isn't this version more popular?!? It's more fun!

Charlie F

Sheri S. Because only the cool kids know about this lol. Happy holidays


Wearin' a green fedora smoking a ceegar all day, classic

Tanya Hicks

I absolutely love this song!  I work at the Gap and we play a slightly different version and it just makes you dance, dance and dance.  It's a little faster.  But, I love this one too.  One of my favorites!!!

John Mitchell & Sofie Jonsson

Best version ever!!! <3


People forget how adept Bing was with the Language; He honed his craft on "The Kraft Music Hall," on radio, and always had a knack with words--big ones, rhythmic ones, any old words, and was a huge intellect in his own right. I am a Big Bing Fan, but objectively, his favorite woman duet partner was Miss Ella--boy, how they blended together! I thank you for posting this; somehow, even though I thought I had everything, I didn't. Thanks for psoting!


I've been looking for this version of this song everywhere. Thanks for posting!!

Mark Herron

Happy birthday to Johnny Marks his birthday verse is Luke 11:10 rest in peace ✌️ Merry Christmas 🎄 Blessings and hugs 🤗💞😂💘❤️💕🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏!


Heard this for the first time a few days ago at Walmart. 😍! That back beat is soooo Hip Hop. Too bad they're not around (RIP) to see what Swing has done. Thanks for posting. Now I need to find that other version 😆


happy new year from Sverige.-. love Ella

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