Body Mind Spirit...
Birdy Nam Nam Lyrics

Weird Zay: You see why you can′t trust em now huh?
Papi: Nah me no fuck you(No I didn't fuck you over) calling me for the other guy fucked you(some other guy played you)...
(Gunshot)Weird Zay: Huh?
Papi: But nah... you ain′t gone hit me with the girlfriend... that he told...
Early in the morning
Young nigga had that dust
In a alley with my niggas
Plus some straps we couldn't trust shit
Collecting dirty dollars from the zombies who discussing
Cops on ass but we slanging like fuck em
Mind, Spirit, Body+8...
Drugs in the cabinet
Money in a shoebox
Gun under the mattress
Pray nobody gets shot
I just want this money
Want this money?
Want alot
I be killing clouds
With my angels in the skies
Mind, Spirit, Body+8...

Writer(s): Nicolas Vadon, Thomas Parent, Mickael Dalmoro, Denis Lebouvier

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