The Parachute Ending
Birdy Nam Nam Lyrics

Flying fast
Pretty fast
Flying fast
Really fast
Flying fast
Go go, fast

Writer(s): Xavier De Rosnay, Mickael Dalmoro, Gaspard Auge, Denis Lebouvier, Thomas Parent, Nicolas Vadon

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Comments from YouTube:


If this was on spotify, I think my life would turn around


It was on Spotify a few years ago but copyright took it down. It won't be coming back for the forseable future unless the Dealership lets Spotify

Poto Cai Cai

Post MOASS we can get it on spotify


@XLH2000 i can only hope someday we get it :(


@Coda update: still not on spotify…. :c


@Lakse Fecheu nope still not on spotify so i am sad

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absurdum infinitum

no matter what kind of traumas or damage it incurs the forest always regenerates

Nemo Shark

thank you to this song, for kicking off every acid trip ive ever taken.

Chase Davis

When he opened the door it looked like a dmt trip

Zola Fuckass

If you like acid, you should check out Million Dollar Extreme.

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