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The Underworld
by Bittencourt Project

Is it the end of the world?
Then who will save our souls?
Maybe the end of the world, we know
And the birth of another

Is it the end of the line?
Wasn't the good boy always right
Above the circles of light
Shifting the sands of our time

Raising my head to the skies

Those days about to come
Stand up, no time to be numb
Answers that I will never know
For the questions we hold
What would be waiting for us?

Raising my head to the skies
The reason will rule our lives
The quest for the light

Come to the underworld
Where secrets remain untold
Under the twilight zone
The underworld, the underworld!
Inside of you, unclear
The world unknown

Raising my face to the skies
Saving my faith, it's so
I don't understand
I've been riding on the edge of this time
Tracking the light

Lost in the underworld
The questions disturb my soul
Under the twilight zone
The underworld
The secrets remain untold
Far from the world above
The underworld, the underworld!
Is driving me insane
For who am I?

by Jandaia & Pan

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