I Hate You
Black Lyrics

I put my fist through the door
I hate myself for you I love you
Suspicion rules my very soul
My knife is sharp,

My thoughts are cold I love you
I love you Because,
I love you I can't talk,
I can't think
My feelings burn inside of me
I love you I practice my knife,
I feel the power I look in the mirror
And I want to destroy her
I love you I gave you my life,
But what did I get?
Now its time to take it back
I love you I love you Because,
I love you I hear a car,
Your footsteps outside knife in hand,
Love in heart Sweating
I wait I love you You screamed, you bled,
You laid on the floor
But now I know you'll leave me no more
I love you I love you Because, I love you

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Esperantrul Tristam

@Ever Glow buttttttttt

IT still ruins the vibe

I'm happy that it's comforting you and making you happy

So ignore the shit I said

DO what you love
DO what makes you happy

I'm kinda pissed that I can't comfort you
But this is atleast the most I can do

Take care of yourself
Love yourself first

Ignore everything bad
For example people that try to shame you and say bad shit(Because morons always do that)
And do what you love

DO what makes you happy

Your life is precious

Don't waste it because of some piece of shits

Anyways take care

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Aurora Vibes

Question: What do you hate and what do you love?

Park Seonghwa

Hate : myself
Love: fictional characters

bana grmay

@syed omar dont hate yourself your one of kind love yourself

bana grmay

@Harley Hughes it was'nt your proble pls tell me you ate

bana grmay

@Scarr love yourself

bana grmay

@Isabella Hughes-Forshaw why dont you hate your self you should love yourself

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claudia Cossìo

soy la única que esta canción le recuerda a A través de mi ventana?? 😭☝

Arianna Fernández Solano


Arianna Fernández Solano

linda, esa canción está en atdmv, es lo best,

Laura Games

Nope 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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