I Saw God
Black Lips Lyrics

Well if you got that Lean
Come on and and give me a sip
If the police only knew
That blue lights induced a trip
Well if you give your middle finger to the Bloods and Crips
Well you duckin from the blue lights
Boy you better dip

Come on trip, come on trip, come on trip
Come on dip, come on dip, come on dip,

Well if you really lookin
For what you want the most
Check out what you drinkin
Fore you announce a prost
If you tryin messin
To the holy ghost
Watch the rainbow blur
It's looking kind of gross

The most, the most, the most
A ghost, a ghost, and ghost
The most, the most, the most
The most, the most, the most


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Comments from YouTube:


this is like drunk history only he's describing the first time he took acid.. I think...


the beep thing!love it!


heavy bull of the woods vibe fantastic


A masterpiece

Joshua Kuebler

holy shit i see it!

Vasectomy Fail

the beeps and censorship are necessary, he's describing a religious experience, but he's still a low-life. i feel as though the song takes place on a tel-evangical show on one of those weird religious channels. he's testifying but still swearing, and they have to censor it or it won't air. this may not be a song for rocking out at a party, but it's still one of the most amazing works of art ever produced.


@bakersakter Yeah, the production has the 13th floor elevator vibe from the mentioned album


The beeping is awesome.

Jodie Cruz

The start of the song, with the boy talking is in another song, not sure which one! BUT i know I've heard it somewhere!

Sanat 12

Whose here from the Vice Hajj episode?

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