Fire Walker
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Lyrics

Your love was always yours to give
We'll start another war
But you're always wondered perfectly
What you're living for

Your eyes have wept a thousand tears
You never needed mine
The crime is never what you steal
But what you leave behind
And maybe I'm too blind to see
The line was always crossing me
And maybe I'm too far to reach
But what's inside of you still same as me, oh

When the soul dies it burns like the page
We pass through the gates
We pass through the gates
We pass through the gates
We pass through the gates
We pass through the gates
We pass through the gates

Your soul was only yours to keep
It's barely in you now.
The bullet from the shell it leaves
Strips it to the ground.

And maybe I'm too blind to see
the fire is all that walks with me
And maybe I'm too starved and weak
But what's inside of you still same as me, oh

It's a place where we all belong, gives rise to our very own
It's a call in the air we breathe, a sign to the everything
It's a call from where we've gone, to a place we've always known
It's a sign everywhere you go, it's a call when all have gone

To the place where all are from, it's a call to our very own
Gives rise with everyone, it's a path we've always known
Gives way to everything, gives rise to the night
Gives way to the everything, takes hold to the all we know
Gives way to the night, gives rise to the everything


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Amal Hamed

Thank you, BRMC for being here when there is no one

I Am???

good luck on your journey

Celia Russell

The fire walkers of ancient south America were people who sacrificed themselves to the sun. They would walk into a fire and be consumed by it in a fatal rite of passage. There is an incredibly powerful faith in the interconnection of everything, for someone to do such a thing. To trust in the totality of the universe enough, to give up your own body to purposely join the spirit world. One day we will all return there fully, but we are also always there, in part...returning.

Celia Russell

forgot i commented this, I used to make some rather extreme sounding comments didn't i.
is knowledge power? i've sometimes found the opposite. and, what is the purpose of power? i have learned more and more that i don't know.

Miguel Sureda Nieto

I don't even need to understand the lyrics for feeling the song. What an incredible feeling.

Mar L

Thank you BRMC for giving me one of the greatest highschool moments, as I went to school listening to this beautiful song... This song and those experiences in my teenage years will be printed in my memory forever.

hunter xhunter

same here !!





Neko Samurai


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