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the only thing I don't like about this song is that it's not longer.

Rory O'Brien

err and there're no lyrics?

Dmitry Petersburg

Да, также иногда немного сожалею о том, что некоторые красивые композиции слишком короткие по времени. С другой стороны, они приобретают очарование быстролетящей кометы. Они проносятся так быстро что ты не успеваешь пресытиться ими, ухватить их и оставляют после себя только манящий шлейф.

patrea lynn

me too .Laguna Sunrise from number 4 was just as nice too

Nigon Kouk

@Nadi e yur fulla what?

Nigon Kouk

@Ronit 1302 of you playing with yourself? :[) LoL

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Lauren L

this sounds like someone is running through a field of flowers

Barack Putin

@kevin castro cringe🌊

Barack Putin

@Remember Past cringe🌊

john tamm

Running. Trees whip passed this being, moving like an inferno through reality. Behind the blur of movement, another is spotted. Up and over a downed tree, the fey dances, speeding toward an unknown destination, it's wings flapping too quick to see. The one behind it slips unnoticed beneath the downed tree.
Then they burst through a rotted tree trunk, tackling one another, laughing gleefully, until they reach a waterfall. The first one smirks as she closes her wings, seeming to stand on air, until the second one approaches. She falls, along the water, almost diving, until the very last second, her wings pop open, and carry her to the finish line, a row of mushrooms, as the others hoot and holler in joy as the race was finished.

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