Sins Of The Father
Black Sabbath Lyrics

I am the crazy man
Who lives inside your head
But I think I'm breaking through the wall

You are the innocent
Convicted of the crime
No one was ever there
To catch you when you fall

I see the diamonds
But you only see the rock
I need to run
But you only crawl

It's time to open up
All the doors that you keep locked
Nobody gives without a take
Let's take it all

You've been twisted into pieces
By the hands of your emotions
How much longer are you gonna pay
For yesterday
Sins of the father

One more crucifixion
One more cross to bear
You're a hole in a photograph

Go on lose it in the city
The city can feel no shame
See the world with electric eye

They call it mystery
But any fool could see
You thought he walked on the water

And if the pain was gone
And you were free to run away
And get out

Would you get out of there
Or do you really care
It's not safe or easy
And maybe when you're gone
You just won't belong at all

You're the only witness
To the murder of an angel
How much longer are you gonna pay
For yesterday
Sins of the father

It's just another crucifixion
One more cross to bear
Go on lose it in the city
Take a look at the world
You've got electric eyes

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Comments from YouTube:

Todd Coolbaugh

Most ozziest performance by dio on any of the three albums he was with them

anime index

don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it...

ocho cabra

@Jakub Lulek they did it to him, too.

Jakub Lulek

And at that time, better Ozzy than Ozzy himself. I always hated how he spiralled out of control after 1979 and did so many dick moves towards Tony, Geezer and others. And Ozzy just lost something about him, his music touch was gone.

Star WarZ: Noobsfront

I disagree!

Albert Mojica,Jr.

@Frank Stephens Actually, to me, the "Country Girl/riff" seems more like Brian May/Queen. *Unless May ripped off Iommi/Sabbath. *Early Judas Priest certainly did...both. AMJ metaltomotown

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Kim Larsson

This album has aged so well 🤘👍
while 99% of the trendy crap from the 90's is totally gone 😀 The guitar is a beast, and Ronnie kills.

Adam Ngangan

such a powerful vocal range!
RIP Ronnie Dio you bloody legend.

Daniel VC

"You've been twisted into pieces by the hands of your emotions"
"You're the only witness to the murder of an angel"

Damn creepy song...totally amazing.

Chet P

“... the murder of an angel.” Maybe his most poignant line ever. The angel whose murder I witnessed was me.

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