I Can't Get You
Blackstreet Lyrics

Maybe love what can I do you're killing the trust that I gave to you and took
me for granted so sad to see you're running around town playing games on me
every day and night I'm thinking of you call me a fool just so confused after
all that I been through I'm still in love with you and I can't
(chorus) I can't get you out of my mind, (just can't get you out of my mind)
your love is one of a kind, (your love is so hard to find) you've givin so much
of yourself (don't want nobody else baby, no) I swear don't want nobody else
Baby girl, what could I do, I told you once before your girl playa hatin on you,
she played me close once to many times, I had to put it on her, she was so darn
fine, I don't know what she told you, ut I bounced upon a love one time, i took
het to my house, laid her on my couch, standing afraid, and threw her a$$ out,
(So what about the girl in the 64) she didn't mean a darn thang to me baby, she needed
a ride from the jam and being the man that I am I said you can (And what about
the girl in the drop top, with the lollypop at the light by the bus stop) you
must have been fooled then to think and the kid was siked, girl I feel my pain
when I go to bed at night, girl I,
(chorus) repeat 2x's
darn it's been a long time I've found someone since the time you left me, up
until this moment I just couldn't get you off of my mind, I know if we can start
all over again, I know things won't be the same (can't get you off of my mind)
I'll make it better, I swear, I swear
(chorus) repeat say I ei,I ei I ei, I ei until fade


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Hannibal Hector

This generation will never understand how DOPE the 90's were. ✌🏾😎

Theresa Bootie

Mmmm which generation? My kids 24,22 and 15 know the 90s were dope as hell. So do most of their friends. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Levert Fairley

i know thats right mr hector

DoItMs. TammzWay

You πŸ’―% right on that but my younger brothers know cause they got a 80s baby for a big sister who love music😁

camella frater


Michael Bull

True my friend thought they said wwf in the beginning lol


Please somebody hit me up when they build a time machine to take those of us who wish to go back to the 80's & 90's!!!!??


Timothy Francis you better talk that talk. Honestly, when I look at the foolishness around us with this new generation, I break into tears. I want those old days BACK

Timothy Francis

MELANIN GODDESS I'll be riding shotgun with you. I'm not feeling this millinial stuff. We used to just kick it and have a good time. People seem so uptight these days.

Daz Daz

that's real talk, Queenie!

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