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Yeah, what? (Ha)
(Alright, man)
Yeah, that

Can't end on a loss (again and again)
Can't end on a loss (I wake up in the mornin', I wash my eyes, I wake up fucked up)
Can't end on a loss (I just, wake up drained, I'm havin' cold visions
I'm sleepy all the time, man, I think I'm fuckin' dep-)

Whole closet filled up with Lacoste, dressed like I work in law
Rolex plain jane wrapped 'round my wrist
Man, this shit like mob (get money)
Genie in a bottle, man, you wish you were fresh as us
Dressed like it's the first day of school
And I ain't dressin' cool
All I had was a dream had to pursue
Or else I'd be a fool
SG, SG, SG, SG, let's do it but we never full
Get with this here drain or fuckin' move (get with this shit)
Get out of the way (it's drain shit, uh)
Grew up in a middle class environment, you wildin'
I was bored as a kid, I had to think
I had to go and make some things
Even when I was bein' good I think of violence and fires
Evil things in my mind spin and spin
I can't stop it
Christian Louboutins with the spikes
Man, who's rockin' Nikes?
What did I ever get bein' nice? Get me out this lame-ass situation
Fresh with the adidas on, three stripes
Yeah, the three is aight
Bein' stoned free from sin, it must be nice
What is it like?
I remember bein', like, eighteen, I was thinkin' I was so fucked up
But I didn't realize I would become even more fucked up
(I'm facin' thirty, livin' dirty, it's fucked up)
Every day I think about death I'm livin' in a hurry
I'm livin' under stress
Every time I check the comments I'm thinkin' like, "Do they even deserve me?"
I'm like you, I'm livin' and I'm learnin'
At least we gon' keep the fire burnin'

Tell me when to quit, if this not it
Then it is what it is
Tell me when to quit, if this not it
Then it is what it is
It is what it is
It'll be the last time that I spit (it is what it is)
Tell me what it is, if this not it
Then it is what it is
It is what it is
There will be no more of this (it is what it is)

Find another reason to live (crest)
The vision so cold (cold)
The vision so (cold)
The vision so cold
The vision
Three star, whatever, man (the vision so cold)
No filter, whatever, man (the vision so)
The vision so cold
The vision (thank you all)
The vision so cold (thank you)
The vision so
The vision so cold (love)
The vision cold (trust)
The vision so cold
The vision cold
The vision so cold
Shit too weak
Can't end on a loss
Thank you for everything (cold)
But you know what's goin' on with us
Thank you for hearin' me out

Cold visions
Can't end on a loss
Can't end on a loss

Can't end on a loss
Can't end on a loss

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Bladee's song "CANT END ON A LOSS" delve into themes of struggle, self-reflection, ambition, and perseverance. The repeated refrain of "Can't end on a loss" highlights the determination to overcome setbacks and hardships, refusing to let failures define the ultimate outcome. This sentiment is expressed through personal experiences of feeling drained, sleepy, and battling inner demons. The singer acknowledges the challenges they face each day but emphasizes the importance of not giving up despite the difficulties they encounter.

The mention of a closet filled with Lacoste clothing and a Rolex watch symbolizes a desire for material success and the image of wealth. Despite the outward appearance of affluence, the lyrics suggest a deeper struggle within, as the singer seeks to break free from societal expectations and pursue their dreams authentically. The reference to Christian Louboutin shoes and Adidas sneakers reflects a contrast between luxury and simplicity, hinting at a search for meaning beyond material possessions.

The mention of growing up in a middle-class environment and feeling bored as a child highlights a sense of restlessness and a need for creativity and purpose. The singer reflects on past mistakes and the challenges of growing up, navigating through difficult circumstances and making choices that shape their identity. The lyrics convey a sense of urgency and a search for fulfillment, despite the inner turmoil and pressure to succeed.

The closing verses echo a sense of acceptance and self-awareness, acknowledging the inevitability of certain outcomes and the importance of learning from past experiences. The singer expresses gratitude for the journey and the support received, while also acknowledging the cold reality of life's challenges. The repeated reminders of "Can't end on a loss" convey a resilient spirit and a refusal to be defeated, emphasizing the continuous effort to push forward and find meaning in the face of adversity.

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Written by: Benjamin Reichwald, Richard Ortiz

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he couldnt end the album on a song about loss so he made another outro, real as fuck




loss and gain ⛓


@@member.5290the duality of life ⛓️


Bladee, even if you quit, know you changed mine and so many other peoples lives in a meaningful, positive way, and we appreciate you so much. Listening to you for 8 years now since I was 16 old, my life changed so much since then, Im another person, everything around me has changed, but you stayed with me and accompanied me through the years. For every new project you dropped I remember the specific time in my life and how they always spoke to me in a personal way. I don't feel a connection this strong to any other artist. Whatever you do, you're doing it right and you have a special place in my heart forever. Love from germany.


Also, this new project, once again amazing, im crying rn


Same, listening to bladee since 2014, I’m amazed with how every new album suited my own condition and thoughts and how bladee always made some progress in his style on his every new release. Hope we will still be able to see his works, even if not in the format of rap music.


Couldn't have said it better. I feel exactly like this


well said my fellow drainer


yo BLADEE idk if u'll see this ever but bladee, me and so many many,many more appreciate all the work you've done oveer the years. safe to say you've been a voice for people when they were alone and needed it most. never give up, take a break and come back better

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