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I send a message to myself
Man, you stupid, bitch, get well
Get the fuck up out of hell
Can't get stuck up in that cell
Don't be weak, don't be so frail
Stop expecting us to fail
Man, don't let this shit derail
As life goes on, man
You look back to the time when you met the real ones
And the only thing that changed is how much money we make
Ain't nobody do it like we do
Cold Visions, Bladee, Drain Gang CEO
Man, it's blood, sweat and tears
The star's the limit, we got no limit

I'm in the battle with myself (first class, we're the businessmen)
But who's winning? I can't tell (Range Rovers, Masis')
Man, the visions cold as hell
Man, the baddest hand I'm dealt
There's just us, it's no one else's
Saddest story I can't tell
But in gloria excel
But I'm destiny fulfilled (gloria)

SG Bladee, king of the frozen throne

Cold Visions, yessir (gloria)
(His holy light is shining on me)

Overall Meaning

In the first verse of "MESSAGE TO MYSELF," Bladee sends a message to his own self, acknowledging his flaws and reminding himself to get better. He uses harsh language to confront himself about being foolish and urges himself to overcome the challenges he faces and to not give in to weakness or failure. This part reflects Bladee's self-awareness and his inner struggle to improve and rise above his circumstances. The imagery of hell and being stuck in a cell conveys a sense of desperation and the need to break free from negative patterns.

The following verse shifts to a reflection on the passage of time and the evolution of relationships based on material success. Bladee observes how money has changed things but emphasizes the uniqueness of his crew, Drain Gang, and their creative output. He asserts their distinctiveness and the hard work they put in to achieve success, emphasizing that there are no limits to what they can achieve. The mention of "Cold Visions, Bladee, Drain Gang CEO" highlights their collaborative spirit and Bladee's leadership role in the group.

Moving on to the second verse, he delves into a personal struggle, describing a battle raging within himself while questioning who is coming out on top. Bladee describes his vision as cold, alluding to the harsh realities he faces and the difficult circumstances he navigates. Despite being dealt a challenging hand, he underscores the importance of relying on himself and not depending on others for support. The line "saddest story I can't tell" hints at deep-seated pain or secrets, adding a layer of complexity to his inner turmoil.

The closing lines bring a sense of triumph and fulfillment as Bladee asserts his identity as SG Bladee, the king of the frozen throne. He mentions "gloria" several times, possibly alluding to a sense of glory or divine presence shining upon him. The references to destiny fulfilled and his holy light suggest a sense of purpose and spiritual transcendence, contrasting with the earlier themes of struggle and self-reflection. Overall, the lyrics of "MESSAGE TO MYSELF" encapsulate a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and personal growth in the face of challenges. Bladee's introspective and cryptic words invite listeners to delve deeper into his psyche and the complexities of his inner world.

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Written by: Arthur Nyqvist, Axel Tufvesson, Benjamin Reichwald

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