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Wake up
Let me speak
C-C-Cold Visions
Drain Gang (let's go)
Off top, uh

Tell me a funny story, all that other shit so boring
All that seriousness bore me, in Emporio Armani
And it's seven in the morning, EA7 in the morning
Stepping out like a warrior, this shit can go so horrible
These horrors I endure, man, this rain is on me pouring
White Havaianas and some shorts, man, I'm over Prada Sport
Man, I'm stepping on the court
Man, you're watching YouTube Shorts
I'm very far from regular, you could call me irregular
I used to (Cold Visions)
That shit was not acceptable
I don't want your friendship, don't even wanna be next to you
I'm fried doing rituals, I used to be intellectual
The way you think that you're high then you're on the wrong flight
We having good nights
Man, we sleep tight
Only God over me, man, so you got no right
I'm Mr. WorldWide
You wish, boy bye
Girl, you're beautiful but only God is made perfect
Drop-top coupe, it is made purple
Shirt is SOAP08, it's purple
SG Drain follow code
Keep it silent in the circle
I'm Messiah in this sermon
Coming down clean like a virgin
All these, sh-
All these clowns, man, I truly am The Joker
Triple cross you out of nowhere
This not that, this not that
You still think that I'm slow but I think I could be slower
In a field that's filled with flowers
And this diesel very sour
You might think that you know
But I'll truly show you power
I'll come see you in an hour
I'll come falling off the tower
Falling down

Freestyle off the top of my head
This is just some things that I said (Cold)

This shit, uh (welcome to)
Just some (Cold Visions)

Overall Meaning

"God" by Bladee & Mechatok is a song that delves into themes of identity, power, and inner turmoil. The opening lines "Porsche headlights, midnight, feel like a golden god" set the tone with imagery of luxury and grandeur. The comparison of Porsche headlights to a glowing frog is intriguing, suggesting a blend of the high-end and the fantastical. The mention of "golden cup with Jesus' blood" introduces a religious motif, hinting at sacrifice and redemption.

The following verse reflects a sense of duality and conflict within the singer. References to being "ugly on the inside" and feeling like they are on a "thin line" convey a struggle with self-perception and emotional turmoil. The juxtaposition of driving a black beamer Benz while contemplating the nature of life and existence adds depth to the narrative. The idea of being in a "deep swamp" and contemplating the idea of fighting back against adversity speaks to a sense of resilience despite inner struggles.

The chorus repeats the image of feeling like a "golden god" amidst the darkness of midnight, reinforcing the theme of power and self-perception. The mention of "Jesus' blood" and the passage of time over "ten years, blood, sweat and love" suggests a journey of growth and endurance. The lyrics evoke a sense of standing firm despite challenges and uncertainties, emphasizing resilience and perseverance.

The final verse brings a sense of detachment and disillusionment, with references to broken dreams and a desire to escape from societal expectations. The imagery of a black Visa card, silver stars, and a glowing car imbues the scene with a sense of glamour and excess. The juxtaposition of serving as the hero on the phone while also wanting to distance oneself from that role adds complexity to the portrayal of the singer's identity. The references to magic, money, and music being both loved and abused further explore themes of conflicting desires and motivations.

Overall, "God" by Bladee & Mechatok captures a complex portrait of inner struggles, external perceptions, and the quest for identity and meaning in a world filled with contradictions and uncertainties. The song invites listeners to reflect on themes of power, resilience, and the complexities of self-perception in a world where appearances may not always align with reality.

Line by Line Meaning

Porsche headlights, midnight, feel like a golden god
The bright lights of the Porsche on a dark night make me feel powerful and euphoric.

Load it up, golden cup with Jesus' blood, I've seen it all
Filling up a cup with wine that symbolizes Jesus' blood, I've experienced a lot in my life.

Switch stance on the edge of a knife
I'm making a risky move, balancing on the edge of danger.

Put it in my chest, take what's inside
Taking a risk, trying to reveal my true self.

Black beamer Benz, guess who's inside?
Driving a luxurious black Benz, can you guess who's riding in it?

What's your life like? Mine's a crazy ride
How's your life? Mine is full of ups and downs, like a wild rollercoaster.

Petrolhead on a road trip, twisted love
A car enthusiast on a journey, experiencing complex emotions.

Who can deny us? Show the gates to you
We are unstoppable, we'll even show you the gates to your own success.

Get the shit, throw it away, it don't mean nothing anyway
Acquire material things, then discard them because they hold no value.

The sun shined, he has to go
The bright sun has to set, signaling the end of something.

Pink diamonds in the sky when we ride out
As we ride into the night, we see pink diamonds in the sky, symbolizing beauty and luxury.

Raindrops, they drop down, on the lost crown
Raindrops falling on a fallen crown, representing loss and decay.

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Benjamin Reichwald, Richard Ortiz

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