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Can't you see it?
Bad dog, but for you I'm obedient
Trash Star, cross my heart, that's the reason
Look up at the stars, they're retreating
Don't get lost, don't live what I'm preaching
Drain Jesus, ice me immediately
Can't even come home when it's freezing
925, burn me my medallion

Smell like spray paint, yeah, what I'm off of
Link at the gas stop, won't stop, I can't stop
Can't even see clear where I'm at though
This not a mansion, it's a castle
You a fuckboy, heard it from Ecco
Drain Show, no face, came through the back door
We can't even bring no girls in my section
Feel like OD9, I'm a dragon
Can't even talk to myself 'cause I'm wrong now
White gate calling me, won't be long now
I can't even put those words in my songs now
Big strong compounds, life force get crossed out
Siren calling, ambulance sound
Drain Gang track you down like a Bloodhound
I can't even trust myself when the night comes
Four doors, red or blue, pick the right one
It's some writing on the wall, it said "Die scum"
No heart, but I do wish I had one
And my baby wanna know what I'm scared of
Don't worry, it's been taken care of
Bladee, I'm coming for the trash like a trashman
Hell Gang, put that back in the trash can
I can't even trust myself when the night comes
Step on my head twice like a cockroach

Every time I close my eyes, I stop existing
Every now and again, I can tell the difference
Woke up falling, I'm still falling off of buildings
Want a new addiction, want to fall victim
Something you might crush my heart but I'ma risk it
And I'm still sinking, need a curse lifted
Blacklisted at all the clubs, but I can fix this
Think I need stitches, pray to three sixes
I wanna see heads roll, execute past life
Hundred white birds, ninety-nine fall out the sky
Fast life, race against time, it will outrun you
Rains return to the earth, sunlight to the underworld
Maybe in another life we could be lovers
Ever since we met, these thoughts keep getting worse
Iron will, ironed shirt, now I want a Fendi purse
I don't talk with empty words, what is any of it worth?
Every time I close my eyes, I go to prison
Every now and again, I can feel the distance
Woke up running, I'm still running through the system
Want a new sickness, want to fall victim
Somewhere, someone broke your heart but I'ma fix it
And I'm still wishing for that first kiss
Get blacklisted at all the clubs in Seven Sisters
Industry children play with three sixes

Every time I close my eyes, I stop existing

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Bladee's song "Obedient" delve into themes of obedience, introspection, self-destructive tendencies, and longing for connection. In the first paragraph, Bladee opens up about being obedient and devoted to someone, despite feeling like a "bad dog". He mentions Trash Star, which could symbolize a sense of insignificance or rejection, and reflects on the fleeting nature of life as represented by the retreating stars. The mention of Drain Jesus and freezing temperatures could suggest feeling spiritually lost or numb, unable to find solace even in familiar places.

In the second paragraph, Bladee delves into a chaotic and restless state of mind, symbolized by the imagery of smelling like spray paint and feeling unable to stop or see clearly. The contrast between a mansion and a castle could represent the grandiose illusions versus the harsh reality he navigates. He mentions Drain Show and restrictions on bringing girls into his space, hinting at isolation and detachment from normal social interactions. The dragon imagery and references to feeling wrong or out of place convey a sense of inner turmoil and confusion.

The third paragraph continues to explore Bladee's inner struggles and sense of detachment from reality. The mention of a siren and Drain Gang evokes a feeling of impending danger or being pursued. The imagery of choosing between red or blue doors suggests existential choices and consequences, with a foreboding message to "Die scum" on the wall. Bladee expresses a desire for human connection and empathy, contrasting his lack of a heart with a longing to feel something. The references to trust issues and inner demons paint a picture of vulnerability and paranoia.

In the final paragraph, Bladee grapples with themes of identity, existence, and seeking solace in romantic connections. The repeated motif of closing his eyes and feeling like he stops existing underscores a deep sense of existential dread and disconnection from reality. The longing for connection, whether through a new addiction or a first kiss, highlights a yearning for depth and emotional fulfillment. The mention of the underworld, past lives, and industry children playing with three sixes adds a surreal and ominous tone, suggesting a struggle to navigate a world filled with darkness and uncertainty. Bladee's portrayal of inner turmoil, longing for connection, and existential questioning creates a poignant and introspective narrative in "Obedient".

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Written by: Benjamin Reichwald, Ludwig Rosenberg, Zak Arogundade

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