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Oh, how long have I been in this grave?
Inside asleep, but seemingly awake
It's not a nice way and I am ashamed
I walk around strange
Didn't I say I don't care either way
If it's a bad day or a really nice day?
I'm under your spell and this is my cell
I know it too well
Familiar hell

You won't believe what they say about us, bad PR
Bad chemistry between the 9 and three-star (ahaha)
Only real fanatics know, TL;DR (yeah)
In the ER at the hotel, two keycards (yeah)
GTB, they still wanna hear GT-R
Black Discharge top, G-Star RAW's (haha)
Sing Peroxide on the stage in B-sharp (at the bus stop)
Black windows on the strip, black Dodge Charge'

Only real fanatics know, TL;DR
They still wanna hear GT-R
And we still got bad PR (yeah)
But GTB is up, all-star

They don't know, they don't know, they don't
I've made a lot of fucking zeros, but they don't know (no, they don't)
They don't know, they don't know, they don't
They don't know, they don't know, they don't
Champagne raining, champagne raining everywhere I go
Diamonds raining, diamonds raining everywhere I go
They don't know, they don't know, they don't
Bank account on stacks and a Range Rove'

On a nice day, rep the 9
In New York or Dubai
On the sick star, six sides
Let the sick star shine
On the low, keep your eyes on the prize
On the shores our horizons will rise
Make the goal, never go offside
Keep it cool on the rise 'til, uh-uh-uh

This, this, this, this, this distance
This, this, this, this, this cold embrace
This, this, this, this, this sunshine
Stopped by pollution, cold and grey
This, this, this, this, this distance
This, this, this, this, this cold embrace

This, this, this, this, this sunshine
Stopped by pollution, cold and grey

Overall Meaning

In the first set of lyrics, Bladee reflects on feelings of being trapped and disconnected from reality, possibly struggling with inner turmoil. He questions how long he has been in a metaphorical "grave," a state of introspection where he feels asleep but also awake, suggesting a sense of numbness and confusion. Despite claiming not to care about good or bad days, he acknowledges being under someone's spell and feeling imprisoned by familiar struggles, alluding to being stuck in a cycle of self-inflicted torment or unhealthy relationships.

The second verse delves into external perceptions and the public image of Bladee and his collective GTB. He dismisses negative judgments as "bad PR" and references a dysfunctional chemistry between the group members and their fans. The mention of a hotel ER and keycards hints at a fast-paced, chaotic lifestyle with glimpses of luxury and recklessness. Despite the negative press, dedicated followers, the "real fanatics," understand the deeper layers of Bladee's artistry and music represented by the enigmatic "TL;DR" code, reflecting the dichotomy between public perception and true appreciation.

As the song progresses, Bladee contrasts the public's limited understanding of his success with the reality of his financial achievements. He mentions accumulating wealth symbolized by "a lot of zeros" in his bank account and extravagant displays such as champagne and diamonds, suggesting a disconnect between the extravagant exterior and the unappreciated hard work and success behind the scenes.

In the final verse, Bladee shifts towards a more optimistic tone, reflecting on perseverance and focusing on personal growth. He speaks of representing his group, whether in New York or Dubai, and embracing the challenges of success with resilience and determination. The imagery of horizons rising and staying on course despite external pressures conveys a message of staying true to oneself and pushing forward despite obstacles. The closing lines juxtapose the harsh realities of pollution and coldness with the fleeting moments of warmth and sunshine, possibly reflecting on the contrasts and complexities of Bladee's life and artistic journey.

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Benjamin Reichwald, Ludwig Rosenberg, Thnapat Bunleang, Zak Arogundade

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