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ReinQ _

HER LIVE PERFORMANCES with only her ans the guitar I swear-

Cornelia street
Death by a thousand cuts
All too well especially on rep tour for me
Blank space on grammys
Wildest dreams also on grammys

And a ton more

I actually like cornelia street the live in paris version more than the studio version

And london boy too, on the bbc radio one. I didnt like the song when it first came out... but after listening to the bbc radio one I hit addicted to it lol

Soon you'll get better with the piano still stabs me in my core in the most painfuly beautiful way possible

Don't mind me, her music is just sooo freaking enchanting😭

I can't wait to see more of evermore and folklore live performances...

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I’m not a big fan of Taylor but her voice without Auto tune is truly beautiful

Matrodoli 10

@Aud Odd same what?


@Withro Anime Edits I had just listened to it, thank you for the recommendation! It is quite good but personally still not my taste in music! But thank you!




Well, we don't know if there was no pitch correction during her performance

Audrey Emilia Budiyanto ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ


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As a Swiftie, Taylor's voice with or without Autotune always sounds so good and better and better.


Ikrrrr! She doesnt even need autotuneee

Ender Gamerplayz

@rosie kumari same like ur opinions dont matter


@Theft Parrot you know we call taylor swift the music industry because she was called the music industry by barbara walters and times magazine and Bloomberg BusinessWeek .and just write the music industry in google and it will give you your answer .also taylor swift was named artist of the decade ,women of the decade ,global icon,songwriter icon ,the only artist with 3 aotys in 3 different genres and the only artist to ever win the Dick Clark Award for Excellence .she is the best selling artist world wild debuting this century .with over 759 awards.she is named the best artist this century and the 8 greatest artist of all time with only 15 years into her career .her reputation stadium tour was named the highest grossing us tour in history . so yeah you are in fact living under a rock

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