B:/ Shut down/Depression
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Dreamcast to go for seconds a cold decision righteous power or only a…
Gunshots Hold your baby for the camera you won the war. Hold…
HYPER OBJECT Everything seems funny Everything seems odd So I think Every…
LSD Polyphony At first I knew I knew At first I knew, I knew, I knew…
My Machine Yeah! Login confirmed All My People Right Here Right Now N…
Photosynthesis Runnin' Runnin' Runnin' home And when I laugh I'm just a lit…
PURITY BOYS Every time I get the inspiration To go change things around …
Teen Pregnancy I'm just a kid I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm just a kid I'm…
Venus Death Trap Seance city Seance city Seance city Seance city…

Visualization Visualization Let go of all outside concerns Close your eye…
WAVESTEP It's as simple as pushing squares It's as si It's as simpl…
W∆VESTEP It's as simple as pushing squares It's as (Si-) (It's as sim…

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blank banshee knows if this track was longer, people would get tired easily. Sometimes, the shorter = the better.


So pretty and sad


or just go listen to the Shenmue opening...


B:/Shut down

B:/Infinite Login

wait what?


stuck in an introvert hell


you forgot B:/Start Up


This is so nostalgic, that retro feeling is so powerfull, perfect, i never heard a track like this.

Thank you Blank Banshee


Keep the world the same.
My first message.

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