Your Visits Are Getting Shorter
Bloc Party Lyrics

I can see it in your eyes now,
You have come to resent me
Condescension in the silence
Your fingers are tired girl,
How they falter against my thigh
Your kisses are pining for the lips of someone else

Your visits getting shorter
Your heart is getting further from me
Your touch is getting colder
Always somewhere you need to be

Boys on your left side, boys on your right
Boys in your maths class who'll do anything you ask
You're pulling the trigger and the gun is in my mouth
A subtle annoyance laced with disgust
When you get older and those boys grow tired of you
You can come find me, I can never hate you

Boys on your left side, boys on your right
Boys by your locker who'll do anything you ask

Lets spend the whole day in bed then
Cause if we don't you'll want to, want to leave
I try to hold something I can
I try to hold something I can never keep

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Comments from YouTube:


Bloc Party is probably the master of "amazing intros"... So good.

Stephen McDonald

This song is just really good. A Weekend in the City and Intimacy have aged incredibly well.

Lorenzo Moseley

@Michael Graham people have different opinions and tastes but out of interest what is it that in your books makes silent alarm so much better?

redshirt 23

@Michael Graham I dunno, AWITC is a nice album revisited.

Michael Graham

@Pentex Sucks None of their later stuff could touch Silent Alarm and their first couple EPs.

Thais Bianchi

i wish the whole song could be like the first 50 seconds :( it's so comforting, idk, some sound that i can't describe


Listen to Crystal Castles - Kept, it's very similar to this part.

Terrance Staggers

@brandon k facts

brandon k

But the reeeeeest of it :))))

Josue Negron

I can literally listen to this song on repeat for hours and still love it as much as I did when I first heard it.

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