Block B Lyrics

[Zico] Ha Ha Yeah BBC follow me
Bounce like this eh eh
Bounce like
Block B in the House
Z and pop time Muzic
Is officially over now
Bye guyz
Hi ladies~ UHMMMMMMM MWA~!

[Zico] jinghan nomdeul nawatda ppara bara bap napareul bureora
Eodi mom jom pureo bolkkana? dara dara dacheul nopi ollyeora
Ppeotppeotan momchi bakchideul uri bogo baewo kungchi tachi Rhythm AH!

[P.O] We bobbin to the music music this song is groovy groovy

[B-Bomb] nun kkamppak haedo areungeorineun aura baby
Duntakhan biteuwiro jijeodae warwal eh hey

[Jaehyo] Move Right now eodi suwi jom nopyeo bolkka
Tteodeul junbideul doesyeonna wah uh ooh wah uh ooh wah uh ooh wah

[P.O] uye modu nolla eukbak jireuneun geoya
Da kkum kkae! barakhae jeomjan tteolji malgo

[Taeil] Everthing okey dokey chamjima geunyang ukhae ukhae Yeah
Amuna da derigo wa Rock and roll

[All] Let

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Comments from YouTube:

Alvery Tadier

kpop in 2020: pretty boys in cute outfits

kpop in 2012: lunatics chasing a rooster with a frying pan


@JungShook elaborate on that for us


i like the 2012 k-pop :(


This Is Actually J-Pop Not K-Pop

Kenma Kozume

@Alois Trancy oh god, didn't know you like k-pop lol

golden apple

mafia gangs / gangster concept was a popular concept back then😂

13 More Replies...


This gen will never understands the hype of
Block B or B.A.P...

M. V.

b.a.p and block b are really really good groups sadly they were super underrated it was wasted potential


Block b lol 😏

Sofia Jansson

and nu’est (my first ult group)

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