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Go Down Gamblin'
by Blood Sweat And Tears

Born a natural loser I can't recall just where
Raised on brew and poker and a dollar here and there
Black-jack hand dealer man you better payoff that last debt
Two bit hand a twenty one that's all I ever get

Go down gamblin'
Say it when you're running low
Go down gamblin'
You may never have to go, no

Down in a crap game I've been losing at roulette
Cards are bound to break me but I ain't busted yet
'Cause I've been called a natural lover by that lady over there
Honey, I'm just a natural gambler but I try to do my share

Go down gamblin'
Say it when you're running low
Go down gamblin'
You may never have to go, no

Go down gamblin'
Say it when you're running low
Go down gamblin'
You may never have to go, no, no, no

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John LaStrada

Absolutely brilliant. One of the fieriest, muscle bound horn tracks I ever heard with an electrifying lead guitar, one of the best David Clayton-Thomas vocals and performances ever laid down on vinyl. Inspired? This was pure magic. The horn charts were brilliant, the arrangement a wall of sound, the playing was on the money and on this day BS&T's have Chicago a run for its money. The song was 4:15 and show me a track on the charts today that could stand up to this musical brilliance. The jazz-rock instrumental break on this 45 rpm record is musical nuclear power at his cleanest. It still gives me chills to this day. I could only imagine how great it must have felt to be a musician who played on this music.

John LaStrada

@Vladimir Zulevic I have, Vladimir, and you are right. Loved it.

Rod Mcdonough

You said it brother.. better than I could have!

Vladimir Zulevic

@CMissShelleyMichelle oh, I have no idea what part she's from, we close, but in a different way, a typical shallow chat fun based close


@Vladimir Zulevic I'm originally from Ohio. What part are you talking about?

Vladimir Zulevic

@CMissShelleyMichelle I live in Serbia, knew a Shelley from Ohio from Chat, but you're not her, obvs... Still, glad to see ppl with good taste in real music around. Cheers!

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I bet the Tuba player was like "What you mean I get a tuba solo???!! HELL YEAH LETS DO THIS!!" lol great song :)

Patrick Craig

Great Tuba solo.I played through school and US Coast Guard Band.Never got to play anything this cool.


It's a tuba. Dave Bargerone played trombone and tuba on the record and the credits say tuba. He was better on tuba but excelled on both.


Sounds like bass trombone.

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