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God Bless The Child
by Blood Sweat And Tears

Them that's got, shall get
Them that's not, shall lose
So the Bible said, and it still is news
Mama may have, and papa may have

God bless' the child,
That's got his own
That's got his own
Yes the strong seem to get more

While the weak ones fade
Empty pockets don't
Ever make the grade
As mama may have

And papa may have
God bless' the child
That's got his own
That's got his own.

And when you got money,
You got a lots of friends
Crowdin' 'round your door
When the money's gone

And all you're spendin' ends
They won't be 'round any more
No, no, no more
And rich relations

May give you
A crust of bread and such
You can help yourself
But don't take too much

Mama may have
And your papa may have
But God bless' the child
That's got his own

That's got his own
God bless' the child who can stand up and say
I've got my own
Ev'ry child's, got to have his own!

Written by: Arthur Herzog, Billie Holiday

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Neil G.

Can't believe I'm going to be 70 yrs. old and this music and so much from this era are still a part of me. So much has changed, but this kind of music was the best. Period.

cats raptor231

On a 70's Music Spree this evening, started by searching up the Georgia Songs (The Night the Lights Went Out & Midnight Train : 2 different artists, both great songs) then the playlist popped up some Cool older Chicago songs (Getting Stronger Everyday & Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is) those reminded me of another great 70's band that incorporated a Horn section into their musical sound - Blood, Sweat & Tears.
So here I am!
By the way 70's music is the BEST! - It does help that in was born in 1970, so those were the 1st songs I ever heard. I was lucky, my parents always had "classic rock" type of music playing, in the car on AM radio, and at home it was records on the Old-School Turntable stereo.
So it definitely made an impression on me, and the nostalgia I cannot put into words...
I do love all types of music, so I have tried it all out, and still listen to several different genres daily.
That being said, once the 80's came w/MTV and all the commercialism, Popular Music has never been the same.
Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of 80's Music, 90's & even current bands. For example Bon Iver gives me the 70's music type of feeling; in other words, I can feel Soul in the music.
But its like looking for a needle in a haystack to find Bands that REALLY put 100% of their Being into their music, and I bet most the time its because they aren't ALLOWED to by the Industry itself.
That's why I think 70's (and some mid-late 60's) music is the best, because you have a high % chance of listening to Real Music/Art that someone(s) put their SOUL into....and you can tell, you will know it when you hear/feel it in the right songs! PEACE TO ALL !!


Yep, I have seen most of the greats except The Beatles, (I'll be 73 next month) I do love the music that you can understand the lyrics, it is not just a bunch of angry yelling!


Listened to this when I was a kid, great memories, great music! My dad loved BS&T and old Chicago...little did I know, Lew Soloff made me want to play trumpet!

Timothy Dingman

Basically; me too. I rarely listen to music now. Not because new music is not great; I am overwhelmed by news and history. I remember the history of this song and it predateds my high school life.

Jean-Marie Dourthe

moi aussi j'ai découvert cette merveille en 1970 c'est l'âge que j'ai aujourd'hui (70)

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BS&T for days!! Literally! When I returned from Vietnam I bought a really nice component stereo sys with a headset   I immediately bought three new albums.
This one BS&T, Chicago, and the Stones Symphony for the devil, that's it. I put on the headset and played these albums day and night non stop for most of a year.That was my welcome home, and my adjustment therapy for coming home from a really f'd up situation, to another. It really helped.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Bill Eudy

Glad you made it. Welcome back.

mike o.

Welcome home, Brother!

Dave Mercado

God bless
Lloyd Dunham

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