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Lucretia Mac Evil
Blood Sweat And Tears Lyrics

Little girl what's your game?
Hard luck and trouble
Bound to be your claim to fame
Tail-shakin' heart-breakin' truckin' through town
Each and every country-mother's son, hangin' 'round
Drive a young man insane
Evil that's your name

Lucretia MacEvil
That's the thing you're doin' fine
Back seat Delilah
Got your six-foot jug o'wine, woman
I hear your mother was the talk of the sticks
Nothin' that your daddy wouldn't do for kicks
Never done a thing worth-while
You're just an evil woman-child.

Ooh, Lucy, you just so damn bad

Devil got you lucy
Under lock and key
Ain't about to set you free
Sign sealed and witnessed
Since the day you were born
No use tryin' to fake him out
No use tryin' to make him out
Soon, he'll be takin' out his due
What-cha gonna do?

Lucy MacEvil
Honey ya been all night?
Your hair's all messed up, babe
An' the clothes you're wearin'
Just don't fit ya right
Big Daddy Joe's, payin' your monthly rent
Tells his wife he can't imagine where the money went
Dressin' you up in style, evil woman-child

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Comments from YouTube:

Lucretia Stenson

Being a woman named Lucretia, I've never felt so good hearing my name referred to as a bad woman. Lol

Dan Henderson

Lucy, you're so damn bad!!!

Dash Riprok

Lucrertia is a beautiful name.bst just made a song. You live your best life.!!!

Dash Riprok

Awesome name ,very sexy . Have a good life.!!!

josef mengele

can you make a man squeal like that Lucretia?

Gloria MacTaggart

I know just how you feel. My name is Gloria :)

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Bernie Wright

We saw them in concert in Buffalo in 1970 and I still haven't gotten over that performance...My God, why did this music go out of "style" Just incredible...Also throw in Chicago while we are at it.. Long live the horn lines

John Pastirchak

@Peter Wall -- My go-to explanation: DISCO. But I suppose there were other factors as well. Clearly, whatever the reasons, by the 1970s pop music had begun losing much of that notoriously sophisticated edginess of the '60s.

And Steely Dan has a special place in my heart too, though for a different reason. Their drummer, the late Jim Hodder attended my Alma Mater-- Plainedge High School in NY.

John Pastirchak

@Peter Wall -- My go-to explanation: Disco. I suppose other dynamics factored in as well, but whatever the reasons were, by the '70s, pop music had lost that notoriously edgy sophistication of the '60s.

And Steely Dan has a special place in my heart too, but for a slightly different reason. Steely's drummer, the late Jim Hodder attended my Alma Mater, Plainedge High School in NY.

Peter Wall

Hi there, I'm a recently retired Irishman and I heard bst a long time ago and like you I don't understand why this music went out of fashion.. anyone who can fuse rock,blues and jazz into a ball and whack it out of the ballpark.... I can't explain it... but as long as I can hear this music will never die. I am also a Steely Dan lover (you can't just be a fan).

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