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Dear Madeline
Bluebloo Lyrics

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Dhruv Visvanath Do you wander close Or far sometimes? Will you hold me close…

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You Win Abigail You want my soul but i can never give in…

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Comments from YouTube:

Marina Hyland

So powerful ,im 33 years sober and still learning thank you Lorna for your share

Kara Buller

I had the pleasure of getting to know Lorna in her last year of life. She was kind, supportive, protective, humble, delightful. Thank you Lorna for your recovery and service. A goddamned delight you are. Much love to you.

Michael Vittoria

What an absolutely delightful, inspiring, and wonderfully humorous speaker! Although this is not my program, the Spiritual aspect of AA is exactly the same as any other 12 step program. Moreover, I have heard it said that "the spiritual part of these programs is like the wet part of the ocean." I agree.
Thank you for sharing.

Alexander LegisNonScriptae

I am not a willy

Hunny Ghold

What a WONDERFUL talk! Absolutely Awesome and Inspiring!! God Bless You, Lorna K 💕

Jeri Estes

An absolutely fantastic talk in depth and presentation of the steps and the program in an order today and numerous man the beauty of her Queens English is captivating !! I would pay to hear her read the phonebook also as a Catholic I was deeply touched with her experience with mother Tresa . it took me years of sobriety to reconcile with the church and not throw the baby out with the Bathwater. The only thing I’ve done is perfect is not pick up a drink and 53 years I still put my program first and now I can be a good Catholic even listen I understand now that God loves us truly loves

DeanP InTheSun

she is wow - so powerful - many golden nuggets in that talk

Dinez Thompson

What a lovely talk from a lovely lady. Thank you, Lorna. Thank you, AA.

Ronnie Velasquez

You can't have dreams unless it includes the other, what blesses one blesses all.

Sarah Gaffey

Fantastic talk, thanks Lorna and whoever shared. Does anyone know what books Lorna wrote?

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