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Bluebloo Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Bluebloo:

You Win Abigail You want my soul but i can never give in…

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Comments from YouTube:

Mikie C

A grown men debate without any screaming or 🤬” Good work guys ✊🏾


Its actually what people do when a. They are face to face. Or b. Know damn well they gona see you. People try to act all big time and disrespectful when they feel safe.

Marlon Campbell

The Gloves were checked in the changing room and Wilder had one of his representatives in Fury room before hand to check.🤔. Blue blood made alot of credible arguments regardless if people think he's delusional. Wilder got man handled simple and his lack of skill is what cost him. First fight for me was the overwhelming decider. Fury fought two punks before fighting Wilder after years of inactivity! Wilder could not destroy him or beat him, simple

mr mii

Yes counterpunch , happy to see you keeping it 100 as per usual. Getting your point across in a civilized manor against delusional BB. He actually composed and presented himself correctly also in this debate so respect to you both but TEAM COUNTERPUNCH all day every day. Look forward to part 2

Durden 812

"Dont argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level then beat you with experience" :)

Reyes game farm

That's Blue for you 😂

Mario Cervantes

@Baron Harkonnen Mark Twain


They both debated their points as men, ur the only idiot.

Richard B

beat you with inexperience.

Baron Harkonnen

Albert Einstein quote I believe .

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