Ray Of Light
Bluehorses Lyrics

Clouds that hang in the evening sky
And the voice from the dark is calling
The rain kissed your cheek,
A last moment to seek
And the stars from the heaven are falling

Cos we buried you deep
For the cold ground to keep
And your time on this earth is now frozen
And we play in the sun
And through streams we will run
And the tears are from promises broken

Your voice is but a memory now
And this body of mine grows weary
Cos you've been away for a year and a day
And the cold north winds, they surround me

Cos we...

A river deep, a river wide
Will carry you to tomorrow
And the sun it will burn,
And the years wheel will turn
And there will be no pain or sorrow

Cos we...

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This band was amazing!


Brilliant, thanks for uploading...is there more?

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