Far Out
Blur Lyrics

I spy in the night sky, don't I?
Phoebe Io Elara
Leda Callisto Sinope
Janus Dione Portia, so many moons
Quiet in the sky at night
Hot in the Milky Way
Outside in
Vega Capella, Hadar
Rigel Barnard's Star
Antares, Aldebaran, Altair
Wolf 359 Betelgeuse
Sun, sun, sun, sun

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Written by: Alexander James, David Rowntree, Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon

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Nightmarish Demon

0:25 [Verse 1]
I spy in the night sky, don't I?
Phoebe, Io, Elara, Leda, Callisto, Sinope
Janus, Dione, Portia, so many moons
Quiet in the sky at night, hot in the Milky Way

1:04 [Verse 2]
Outside in
Vega, Capella, Hadar, Rigel, Barnard's Star
Antares, Aldebaran, Altair, Wolf 359
Betelgeuse, sun, sun, sun, sun

1:24 [Outro]
Sun, sun, sun, sun
Sun, sun, sun, sun
Sun, sun, sun, sun
Sun, sun, sun, sun
Sun, sun, sun, sun

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Ellie Turnbull

Alex should sing in more songs tbh


He really shouldn’t 🥰


No he shouldn’t

Ellie Turnbull

@Manuela Briones yeh i know i don't really like that song much tbh haha

Manuela Briones

he sings in me me me's hanging around it's on YouTube


i genuinely love alex's voice, it's a shame he doesn't sing more


alex's voice is so CUTE why didn't we hear more of him :((


I have always found Far Out an interesting song and Parklife is one of my favourite Blur albums. I am also interested in astronomy and I don't mean to sound pedantic, but out of all the moons Alex sings about Elara, Leda, Sinope and Portia can't be seen with amateur telescopes.  They can only be seen with the largest telescopes in the world


I think he chose those particular moons because they're phonaesthetically pleasing, rather than for their astronomical relevance.

Benedetto Bruno

Scientists are pretty sure Dark Matter exists but they still don't know what it is. Yet they talk and write an awful lot about it. According to your logic they shouldn't mention it because they have never really seen it.
Millions of people throughout the World sing about God, Allah, Jesus but they have met them in person.
The Black Sabbath, Venom, Slayer and the Mercyful Fate sang about Satan but that never meant they had had first-hand experience of the devil. Morrissey - with the Smiths and without them - sang and sings about love yet nobody still knows whether he really has ever experienced love. It follows that Blur never owning the the largest telescope in the World is not a good reason not to sing about Elara, Leda, Sinope and Portia.

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