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by Boadi

It shall rain
Oh the sun shall shine
Snow shall fall
But we shall remain
(we shall remain)
Said I'm no chameleon and I won't change my colours
I won't rearrange
We shall remain

No I won't change x 3

No I won't change
No I won't change
No I won't change

You're the seed, I'm the soil
We're all we need let's go
No evil pesticides, external forces
Yes they've got to go
You're all I need in this struggle
When you smile
Oh yes, my antidote
Together forever we'll weather the storm

No matter what the seasons
You always blossom baby
Forever shine my lady
(Always shine)
No I won't rearrange
We shall remain
(We shall, we shall)

Ye ne saa ko no saa
Could you do that thing I like
Do that thing I like

(We shall remain)

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