Margie's at the Lincoln Park Inn
Bobby Bare Lyrics

My name's in the paper where I took the boy scouts to hike
My hands're all dirty from working on my little boy's bike
The preacher came by and I talked for a minute with him
My wife's in the kitchen and Margie's at the Lincoln Park Inn
And I know why she's there I've been there before
But I made her a promise that I wouldn't cheat anymore
I tried to ignore it but I know she's in there my friend
My mind's on a number and Margie's at the Lincoln Park Inn
Next Sunday it's my turn to speak to the young people's class
They expect answers to all of the questions they ask
What would they say if I spoke of the modern day sins
And all of the Margies at all of the Lincoln Park Inns
The bike is all fixed and my little boy's in bed asleep
His little old puppy is curled in a ball at my feet
My wife's baking cookies to feed to the Bridge Club again
I'm almost out of cigarettes and Margie's at the Lincoln Park Inn
And I know why she's there

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Stephen McElroy

Singers like Bobby Bare and songs like this is what made country music so good. Too bad Nashville had to kill country music.

Michael Schlegel

Amen to that enough said

Liz DeLeuil

I’m a redhead from the Bluegrass of Kentucky.

Liz DeLeuil

@Bobby Bare when I heard your first song.

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David Jordan

Brilliant song and sung sow well, I love proper country music 🎶


Haven't heard this in years and it's sung as only Bobby Bare could sing it, like it was his lifes storyline!!! Thank you Ten Stars!!!!

Jace Baker

I heard a version called "Kevin's at the Eagle Lake Inn". Now days THAT'S a modern day sin. A married man living 2 lives. Bobby Bare certainly opened the door to a lot of truths!

lovinjesusmuch harrison

takes me back to the '60's when we lived in Hazel Park, Mich. and I grew up there, hearing this on the radio. Mom and dad loved country music, and I do too!!  Thanks for posting!

Bo Bozard

I listened to this as a kid and I still love it

David Berges

Concerts by Bobby Bare were the best, great showman!!

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