Bobby Darin Lyrics

In a cavern down by a canyon
Excavatin' for a mine
There lived a miner from North Carolina
And his daughter, chubby Clementine

Now every mornin', just about dawnin'
A'when the sun began to shine
You know she would rouse up, wake all a dem cows up
And walk 'em down to her Daddy's mine
A'took the foot bridge, way 'cross the water
Though she weighed two-ninety nine
The old bridge trembled and disassembled
(Oops!) dumped her into the foamy brine

Hey, crackle like thunder, (ho, ho) you know she went under
(Ho, ho) blowin' bubbles down the line
Hey, I'm no swimm'a but were she slimm'a
I might'a saved that Clementine

(Ho) broke the record, way under water
I thought that she was doin' fine
I wasn't nervous ya until the service
That they held for Clementine

Hey you sailor (ho, ho) way out in your whaler
With your harpoon, your trusty line
If she shows now, yo, there she blows now
It just may be chunky Clementine

(One more time)
Oh my darlin', oh my darlin', oh my darlin'
Oh my darlin' , oh my darlin' sweet Clementine,
You may be gone
But you're not forgotten,
Fare thee well
So long, Clementine

Lyrics © HELENE BLUE MUSIQUE LTD, Peermusic Publishing
Written by: WOODY HARRIS

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Comments from YouTube:

Victoria Wells

Only Bobby Darin could make me absolutely love songs such as Mack the Knife, Artificial Flowers, and Clementine which all have dark, slightly morbid lyrics with upbeat, swing style melodies and timing - even if I feel like I shouldn't. Bobby Darin truly is one of the greatest of all time.

Salvador Tamayo

"Slightly morbid" all those songs involve someone meeting their end 😂😂


Love that line...'The old bridge trembled, then dis-assembled"

Zorina Bakah

Me too...that's one helluva line there


What about " I wasn't nervous until the service." 😂

anthony marcello

With misty eyes after hearing "artificial flowers" sung by Bobby, this song helps to bring back a smile.


Thanks for reminding me of Artificial Flowers. I was racking my brain trying to remember the title and the tune.

Cesiah Pleitez

Awe lol I played this to my baby daughter she's chubby named clementine lol

Brian Muehe

lol Darins fantastic just saw his movie with Spacey was cool !

Diva Loca

be careful.

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