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Bobby Sessions Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Reparations' by these artists:

Cursed Dear victim. I'm a long time listener but a first time…
Jay-May Look You got your guard up and I don’t blame you No,…
Johnny Rebel There you go again talking about reparations There you go…
Lorde Fredd33 Fredd33: It's time for a serious talk Say, say, say Say, sa…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Bobby Sessions:

I'm A King Yeah, yeah Bobby Sessions, young, hold up (BL$$ED) Yeah, yea…

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Comments from YouTube:

Erica Lee

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this!!! Awesome video ✨🎬🎢

Erica Lee

BlackEntrepreneur24 Yes. Thanks love ❀️


That was you around 2:22 & 2:34 right? I see you




My girl E shinning! Yes this what we need to rap about!! Love it


The message only adds to how amazing the song and video is


Certified banger right here! Everyone needs to promote this!

Baakir Tyehimba

In spite of and in light of the context of the title and content, I appreciate the visual expressions of Afrakan joy along with the sonic groove of your intelligence, Young Blood! Marcel P. Black mentioned his fondness of you and led me to this song as an initial introduction to you. Asante for your work and inspiration! If this is what I have to look forward to, you're certainly stayin in rotation! UHURU na Nguvu!

Antonio Carrasco

The hook is going to reply in my head all day

Happy KiDDO

this sounds way too good

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