What You Want
Bombay Bicycle Club Lyrics

If I gotta ride like you want
Eating up whatever you got
Keep my lies up, you know
Oh you force it all, oh you need it all

Trying to keep a face up tonight
Even though the guy's got you right
Coming off the wrong side, you know
Oh you force it all
You start it right, you tread so light
You tease this love, you care enough

You can rearrange me now
If we wait we can make it somehow
Well what you want, what you want
Anything you want


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Comments from YouTube:


The sound on this is intimate but cavernous and airy. It feels like passion in the windy night

Vanessa Martinez

You took the words out of my mind and mouth.


I'm amazed at this song. This is what music was meant to be

Letícia Marques

QUE MÚSICA... 😍❤💛💚💙💜🖤

Audra Snyder

"You start it right, You tread so light
You tease this love, You care enough"
I love that line...to me this song is about when you care more about your signifigant other than they care for you. They start it out right by presenting the best version of themselves and once they have won you over they "tease" your love by pretending to care just enough to keep you around, but after time you relaize they really don't and it was an act from the begging...but you don't leave because you love them and suddenly you have revolved your world around them. Been there.

Gail Hull

Nik Smith #mern


Nik Smith same bro

Kyora Xi

Eventually, something will split you up. And then you get a little more numb. That's why they say "You never forget your first love." and similar. It's the first one, before you have scars. :3

Dina Akmal

so what did u do ? how did u get urself outta this ? when did u feel like u should flip the page ? how did u stop urself from caring and waiting and forgetting this lovely version of them and stop hoping that they'd become that person again ?!!


Absolutely hypnotic....that bass... that groove...just makes me wanna....

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