Azamane Tiliade
Bombino Lyrics

Awene azamane
Azamane n tilyaden
Tarha nasnate
Tiglate isgabayyine

Yallawate ayitma
Yoffa anulu gabba
Fel tilyaden nanagh
Tin n anada n azamane
This era
The era of young girls
Their way of loving
Works in a different way

Prayers to you, my brothers
Better to be attentive
For our girls
Those of this era

Contributed by Hudson E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Matthew Millan

I traveled with him from Niamey to Agadez last year for a film about his good friend. Bombino is not only one of the most talented musicians in the world, but the most humble and decent dude you'll ever meet. Legend.

Beyond Borders Network

@Thomas Mehlhose It will be called The Art of Peace. Because of the pandemic, the rest of the shooting has been delayed a bit. Here's an excerpt though, which is Bombino putting on an ad hoc performance at the Cure Sale festival in northern Niger last year.

Thomas Mehlhose

What is the film called? I'd be interested to see it.


Unbelievable song. Powerful music. Killer guitar tone and drum 🥁 beat.


There's a quality to this music I've never heard anywhere else. The guitar isn't overly complex but it's so rich. I can't get it out of my head

Merijn van 't Veer

Saw him live at Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands. He played on the smallest stage but he certainly was one of the best acts.

dhimitri metaj

I saw him too...I trawled from Albania to be there..

Ken Haetta

I saw him live last night. No risk of him sounding like anyone else anytime soon.


this is the best thing i've heard in a while. I sense a new musical revolution coming from africa! thanking dan auerbach for introducing america to this but most of all thank you bombino for your unbelievable talent, music and spirit!

karol madrecki

Brilliant piece of art! And that pulsating melody... just awesome! Greetings from Poland, i hope you will play gig here once again some day :)

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