Deran Deran Alkheir
Bombino Lyrics

You came in to my life
My tuareg of the desert
Brought to me by the winds of fate
To fill the emptiness within
Nature played her part
Bringing us together
Raising a sandstorm shielding us from others eyes
Just as the wind cause the sand to vibrate
So my body mirrors this feeling
When you touch my skin,to kiss me with longing
This dervish of emptiness begone
Leaving grains of sand desire
The priceless Perl of hope...

Writer(s): Goumour Almoctar

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Comments from YouTube:


i just discovered Bombino such a brilliant musician.. im inspired im a musician too from South Africa

berhanu berihun

Keep a good work Bro!!!

Zakou Bachir

Thk you for the love.
We are proud of him

MOUMOU hasna

Un grand merci pour cette chanson.
Just amazing

Simon Asfaw

It's an awesome and unique sound... i love it! from Ethiopia

getu jhon

my fellow country man

Niby After Night

The amazimg and unique sound of Bombino's Music, we send you love from Venezuela

Farran Tydeman

Be true to your culture Bombino. This is what makes you so great. Do not adapt to please any specific audience. Be true to your culture.

Ayọ̀túndé Gíwá

I stopped following after Nomad, he now sounds too polished

Marta Eva Běťáková

@Luc Grandemange Totally agree! We Europeans mix traditional art with modern art, too, after all. It's good to teach the world about traditional Touareg culture - I certainly love learning about it, so this was unexpected and shocking, but once I got used to it, I thought it's a good idea to present Touareg culture in this way.
It makes me feel that the authors of the video love their culture and they're also open to the world. It prevents us people outside Africa from seeing the Touareg nation as a cute, backward, little rural nation and forces us to see them as a creative nation that is able to live both in the past and in the future.

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