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Bombino Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Bombino:

Adinat Adinat Nine kawanegh, maha naghrwane Bas nifrag tidawt gar…
Ahulakamine Hulan Nuhulakamine hulane Isstatanade id timtar Ihadane id chila…
Aman Ammane win kawal nine Sadwal nine tayitey Sadwalnine innou…
Amidinine Amidinine Amidinine, amidinine Tada adounia tichagret T…
Azamane Tiliade Awene azamane Azamane n tilyaden Tarha nasnate Tiglate is…
Deran Deran Alkheir You came in to my life My tuareg of the desert Brought…
Deran Deran Alkheir (Well Wishes) You came in to my life My tuareg of the desert Brought…
Her Tenere Tenere Hegh tenere Usuf yigane Dagh tenere Warhene amm…
Imidiwan Imidiwane, imidiwane Wirhintitewegh Awa nilmade Imarawane…
Imuhar Matinfa, tenessey Imuhagh tigraw tikma Ayitma Yofa anik…
Tamiditine Negham tarha Chound tan ourou Tamiditine chound tan ourou …
TIMTAR My girlfriend where are our memories, our intimate memories?…
Zigzan Tadagh sh adunia Tarhak azigzane Adiss torgashade a Kanik…

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Comments from YouTube:

David Shodo Portolano

Jamming! Respect sisters and brother ✊🏼from Arizona 🌵your music lifts me up Salaam mOnK

Rubby Talent Scout

You are so entertaining and amazingly talented . Keep it up!. Have a good day!

Mano Official

I love your music like I’m crazy. Very inspirational

nicht jan

I just got to know this music and it’s so so underrated

Aner Sefaw

Bombino impresionante!!😘🤩🤩🤩

فطمه احمد مسعود



Un mélange entre poésie, rock, raggae et tendresse ou énergie. Cette voie et ses instru me berce chaque soir et me réveil chaque matin. Merci d'exister et de chanter Bombino, pour moi tu vaux plus que milles artistes de nos temps.


so sad to hear of the death of Illias Mohamed Alhassane - he was always such a pleasure to watch in performance. Always a big smile! My condolences to you all and to all of we fans.

Alexandru Mircea

The warmest smile I've ever seen from a stage. 💔 RIP.

Sofiane Smaani


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