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Bombino Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Bombino:

Adinat Adinat Nine kawanegh, maha naghrwane Bas nifrag tidawt gar…
Ahulakamine Hulan Nuhulakamine hulane Isstatanade id timtar Ihadane id chila…
Aman Ammane win kawal nine Sadwal nine tayitey Sadwalnine innou…
Amidinine Amidinine Amidinine, amidinine Tada adounia tichagret T…
Azamane Tiliade Awene azamane Azamane n tilyaden Tarha nasnate Tiglate is…
Deran Deran Alkheir You came in to my life My tuareg of the desert Brought…
Deran Deran Alkheir (Well Wishes) You came in to my life My tuareg of the desert Brought…
Her Tenere Tenere Hegh tenere Usuf yigane Dagh tenere Warhene amm…
Imidiwan Imidiwane, imidiwane Wirhintitewegh Awa nilmade Imarawane…
Imuhar Matinfa, tenessey Imuhagh tigraw tikma Ayitma Yofa anik…
Tamiditine Negham tarha Chound tan ourou Tamiditine chound tan ourou …
TIMTAR My girlfriend where are our memories, our intimate memories?…
Zigzan Tadagh sh adunia Tarhak azigzane Adiss torgashade a Kanik…

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

ivied haiku

do you hear that
the day is not over
night has not come
in the desert
the blade
becomes a stone
everything calls you
and you stay
are you the lighthouse of the night
smoke in the sky
a drop drifts into the stream of a river
a handful of sand are the days

khadija bahri


Hegh tenere

Usuf yigane
Dagh tenere
Warhene ammane
Ikhimadas, samad ranagh
Tikmawene, tin tenere

The desert
I am in the desert

Full of nostalgia
In the desert
Without water
I was sitting, meditating
On the problems facing the desert

All comments from YouTube:

Théodore Géricault

Qu'es ce que c'est beau, je ne trouve pas les mots pour décrire les sensations qui traverse mon corps et mon esprit. vous me faites vraiment voyager avec les caravane touerg. Merci vraiment sublime.

Nikolay Zimoglyad

Восхитительный шедевр, проходящий нитью сквозь мою жизнь. Ощущения на кончиках пальцев, дрожи, эстетического удовольствия. Настоящее искусство!


So amazing. This really makes me think. Right now I just wanna grab my guitar, leave everything behind and travel the world in search for all kinds of Blues and to jam with people like you. My brain doesn't understand your language, but my heart understands the Blues, even tho this blues is differnt, but that just makes it more amazing, in music we are all the same and diferences are just chances to learn and benefit. I very much hope that some day we'll meet. until then, Much love from germany, and just the best to all of you <3 Oh and thanks, this really touched me.

null object

Bombino has given me a new found appreciation for the guitar. I really hope to one day see him live. Love and respect from USA.

mark white

Agedez is on of my all time top ten albums and I've listened to a LOT of music of all kinds over the years. The Blues takes many forms, true soul music, beautiful! Thanks Bombino

Habiba Valentina E.

I am flying over desert and seas I'm flying over the troubles of life and world. Thank you great artist for this short break in my stormy life. Faced with this music I'm like one grain of sand carried by the wind... Part of the universe.

Dan Watson

I can't tell you how much this fills my heart with peace.

Dusan Dragojlovic

I discovered "sahara blues" only recently, so far i love it. I mostly like Bombino, Mdou Moctar and Tinariwen. I'm open to suggestions for what else i should listen to.

Lati Mezi

Nabil Bally "edunia tagh'

ladel ladelh

@Astral Marmot it's not realy the same music, Bambino, Tamikrest, and Tinariwen the famous group are tamshqat music...

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