Beach Baby
Bon Iver Lyrics

When you're out
Tell your lucky one
To know that you'll leave
But you don't lock when you're fleeing
I'd like not hear keys

Only hold till your coffee warms
But don't hurry and speed

One a time put a tongue
In your ear on the beach
And you clutched kicking heels

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Written by: Justin Deyarmond Edison Vernon

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Amanda Alfonso G.

When you're out
Tell your lucky one
To know that you'll leave
Don't you lock when you're fleeing
I'd like not to hear keys

Only hold till your coffee warms
But don't hurry and speed

Once a time, put a tongue
In your ear on the beach
And you clutched kicking heels

A.R ♆

My past lover showed me this song 5 years ago in Florida little did I know it was like a cosmic warning because this story is now mine too. I wrote a poem but I don’t want to share it with anyone who knows me so I’ll leave it here in hopes of it being therapeutic to the soul.

17 - A.R.
First time I felt seen
He came in and swept me off my feet
Still I was very discrete
Issues surrounding my creativity
Drove me insane in my own divinity
Not even a night spent kicked out
Already going down this route
A day spent with him instead
I led with heart & not my head
A couple drinks then
Was all it took to cave in

Full of beautiful hopes
I searched for the stars in different telescopes
A single weekend high
Some shit just to try
That was the plan
But he convinced me.. so I ran.
A life on the road
While we secured the load
A 10 year age gap
Yet he sat on my lap
Idolizing and seeing him as my savior
Ignoring all the on and off again behavior
Warm beaches with dead leaches
Giant seashells with fake crabs
And on the road a couple dabs
But silence can make someone wonder
Doubt each other, and place them under
Somewhere along the road we ran out of fuel
And the way you left was cruel
22 and I now look back and wonder who could do that to a 17 year old kid
But u did
A sudden stop,
A quick drop
But no tears down my face
Picked up my bags and went home with grace
What I thought was my path
Now could only make me laugh.
A slow year went by
Questioning how our love could die
I wished you were still my friend
Because now i would only pretend
That you did not hurt me
And I was the one to flee
I still thought about us every August to October
Some nights I even did it sober
The things I did for you even after
Gives my present self laughter
Because I betrayed myself by reaching out in hopes to get u back

Our last winter was only a couple hours
Nothing like all of our past showers
And this place still had many flowers
City lights and many towers
This time we were both a mess
I loved you more and nothing less
And I wish we had more time
So I could’ve explained this love crime
Face to face
This time you’d chase
But we’d run hand in hand not like a race
We’d create a safe space
Both so free
And finally we’d see
That good things only happen every so often
And it would be enough for us to soften
But this would was not meant to be
Because this time I couldn’t flee
Trapped in my self sabotaging ways
And loveless days
I hated feeling stuck
And it seemed we both ran out of luck
So back home again I go
But Florida i know
That this was unlike any other
And I know it’s weird but I now love you like a brother
And I cherish our time so much
You showed me to stand
With toes in the sand
In our promised land

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Anna R

bon iver's music makes you feel things you thought you'd forgotten

Bon Peterson

A good song

Evan Deuvall

@Melanie Charlotte
That secret that you knew
But you don't know how to tell
It fucks with your honor
And it teases your head

Unfathomable - until now

Christen Latzz

I Love to daydream to his music lol each songs gives me different feelings and vibes it’s hard to explain 😅

Genevieve Paloma

E Gray

Every memory my ex left that I forget sprouts when specific Bon iver songs play. It reminds me more of the good than what it all fell to.

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Sophia S

I had my first kiss while this song played. Still the best kiss I've had.


@MrTubZ4 m8 I wee bit late to reply now but alright 👌


@MoistWalrus tbh she didn’t ask you to rely, she was commenting 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

Dying Soon

Lucky man

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