Everybody's Cryin' Mercy
Bonnie Raitt Lyrics

I don't believe the things I'm seein'
I've been wonderin' 'bout some things I've heard
Everybody's crying mercy
When they don't know the meaning of the word

A bad enough situation
Is sure enough getting worse
Everybody's crying justice
Just as soon as there's business first
Toe to toe, touch and go
Give a cheer and get your own souvenir

Well you know the people running round in circles
Don't know what they're headed for
Everybody's crying peace on earth
Just as soon as we win this war

Straight ahead, gotta knock em dead
So pack your kit, choose your own hypocrite

You don't have to go to off-Broadway
To see something plain absurd
Everybody's crying mercy
When they don't know the meaning of the word

Nobody knows the meaning of the word

Contributed by Gabriella S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Angie Jabine

RIP, Mose Allison. November 11, 1927 – November 15, 2016.

Neal Cowan

Nice version of the Mose Allison tune. Mose....knows.


+Neal Cowan :)

Thank you, Moppet

Catherine S. Todd

Thanks for posting... I worked at the Gaslight Cafe back in 1969 when Bonnie and so many others played there (me, too, once in awhile...) Lord, those were the days! Music everywhere! Loved it and thanks for bringing back the good memories from the good old days! Great music and great song and great singer. Go Bonnie!

Nelson Lugo

HELL YEAH! SUBSCRIBED. I'm old, started out at age 12 with Art Blakey, never looked back. Seen Mose age with me over the decades since the 60's, dunno how many times I sipped my whisky feet from the piano. Met Bonnie in BossTown/Cambridge before her 1st album. Thanks, because this is essential stuff. There should be a law, by Mose, because Mose Knows.


@Nelson Lugo

Nelson Lugo

Awesome. ... Aloha!


@Nelson Lugo Hi guy. It's really nice to meet ya. Sounds like you have a lot of music going on! You are more than welcome. I want to keep the music alive and going as best I can. I'm small potatoes, but maybe if enough of us little guys keep plugging away there will be a new audience for this great music! Thanks so much for leaving your great info & also for letting me know you subbed. I don't know where that info went, but I sure don't get it. Welcome to digging around my Channel. I've been working on organizing the music. I have a Bonnie Raitt Playlist among many others. Lots of blues. Again, it's good to meet you! My best, Barbara (aka Moppet)

Xmas at Our House

OMG Taj Mahal! On acoustic bass. Give a listen!


Nope. That’s Freebo; Bonnie’s original bassist. Playing his Fender fretless bass. This I know, I did live sound for them a few times in Connecticut when Bonnie would come down from Boston.

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