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Pick Up
by Bonobo

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ssx on tour baby

Dhr. Wajong

Good ol' memories. Playing SSX and UEFA Champions League 04/05' on PS2! Great track, big classic.

Martin Okafor

This was on the champions league 2004-2005


Are we in a Guy Ritchie film or what?


The biggest throwback tune ever.


pick up!

Billy Hoy

Holy FUNKin' Jazz flute. Go ahead Simon!!!! Get down....I want your sound library lol


This song was perfectly to be used in a game like ssx... everytime this song was played its felt like its a part of the game, a part of the scene and everything.. adds just a perfect feel to the gameplay. Man i miss these times with friends playing on my game cube.

EJ Musik

This song was perfectly to be used in a game like sex. Austin Power style... Yeah Baby !

Sebastian NZdude

SSX on tour took me here.

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