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Booker T. & the MG's Lyrics

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Red Flackal

One of the coolest songs ever written. Timeless.

Marcus Cross

@King of the Mods you're forgiven for sounding pedantic...


If you say so...lolololololol

King of the Mods

Forgive me for appearing pedantic, but this is a 'tune', as a 'song' requires lyrics! :D

Mas - Poceen

Agree best song ever

Duncan Stuart

This group is so tight! Love the way Booker T let's the Hammond simmer and occasionally come to the boil. It was so sophisticated - was this Pop? Soul? Jazz fusion? Whatever label, it was pure unadulterated talent.

billy nomates

yes sir! play it exactly the same way twice. been listening since a kid. :-)

Matt G

House band at Stax. Played together daily for years. Knew each other well. No many personal changes.


Oh man...33 years old and only just found this song now in 2020 but wow what an amazing song!

keyop Ronin

Damn!!! May your journey continue my friend.

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