Fall From Grace
Borealis Lyrics

Dreams of freedom
Lost in this forsaken land
No one left to find you
Running scared
Fooled by those greedy hands
Familiar places become new

Same old song
Pick up where the old ones left
He said he'd heed our calls
Far too long
Another reign at his behest
Dreams of freedom call
Hope is gone for all

Rob us, drown us in your evil lies
We don't recognize this place
Free us, promise us a brand new time
This will be our fall from grace

Brand new day
New beginning, same old end
Safe in his little shell
Chance ends soon
His opportunity to change
Then we can break his spell

Fear not my child, your day will come
Into the wild don't fear

Contributed by Sebastian C. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


The riffs are catchy and the vocalist's voice is so beautiful, one of my all time faves. These guys might not be that noticed, but i am definitely glad to be one of the few, I love this band <3

J. Ricardo

Bom demais, vou ver se consigo achar pra baixar.

Sweet Heart

Muito Bom! Amazing!!!

Nivaldo Osbourne

Ótima banda Flavia,vc precisa conhecer tambem Anubis Gate,prog metal matador,e o seu novo album,ficou impecável.


Incredibly great music! What a band!


These guys have the entire world ahead of them. It's only up from here!! Other Ontario, Canada killer group! All the best from a new fan!!


This was a solid song, really enjoyed it! Looks like I have some catching up to do!

Sebastian Burghardt

I take guitar lessons from matt marinelli, the guitar/vocals guy.. he's beyond amazing.


This... is... AWESOME!!


i bought a music magazine, and ran into these guys. lucky me^^

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