Where We Started
Borealis Lyrics

Attack this broken soul
Take and leave me in
You think that I forgot you
Destroying part of me
You don't even know
Your scent is all I breathe

You left me long ago, walking on my own
You swear you won't return
In times of clarity, sky breaks through the clouds
And you will leave me be

Flash of truth, back where we started
Your peace, my war

It's warm inside this lie, the world escapes me
Just me and you again
You only wanted peace, for you that's the end
But all I got was war

The distance suits you well
You get to miss the show
I pray that you, you're happy
While I descend to you

Flash of truth, back where we started
Your peace, my war
Miles away, too close for comfort
Your peace, my war

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Comments from YouTube:

Connie Blakely

Excellent execution on vocals and diversity in change of sounds. Terrific album.

Siv Gor

This is where I started with them in 2011... 8 years ago.
This intro, is pretty simple, but freaking badass. But man....... Once the clean vocals HIT! speechless! Matt Marinelli is DEFINITELY ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VOCALS if not the MOST beautiful VOCAL in METAL!!!!

Vincent Crump

This band is absolutely epic. I swear to god I must be atleast 500 of the views on this video. You guys are doing an amazing job!


Great powerful music!


Lyrical themes: Fantasy, Philosophy, Life. Lovely themes lovely music and lovely talent awesome :)

Ashley Bingham

I don't usually listen to power metal, it's all the same, more of a thrash,melodic death girl but WOW these guys are amazing, and I haven't said that about a powermetal band in years, Lost Horizon's Awakening the world is still the best powermetal cd in my opinion but this is really good stuff.

p jacquin

awesome band they did not have the success they deserve! hold on guyss it will paid


love this song!


love it


So good!Awesome!Greetings from Greece.

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