The Silence
Bos Taurus Lyrics

Look inside of yourself and see that
You used to be oh, so cool.
That was then, but then, this is now my friend.
Staring blankly into your rotten hands.

Look outside of yourself believing that
Life can be oh, so cruel.
Some things never change, they just rearrange.
Move again and you'll feel the strain
Of the years of breathing here, but
I know, it's what we do...

Look at your private hell and see that
There's nothing that you can do.
You just take it in, a shot right to the chin.
Peek around every bend where you've sinned.
Screw your friends and then chill in the end, cause
I know, it's what you'll do...

The silence, don't fight it
Take it right between the eyes
If tonight is the night then
See it through right to the end and do just what you'll do.

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